It’s that time of the year when it’s completely okay to dress up as monsters and bring out your dark side! One day of trick or treat isn’t enough especially if you love things of that nature. For many people, Halloween doesn’t just stop at costumes, if you’re a big fan of the day then decorating the house with creepy, crawly and scary items just adds to the fun.

Since it isn’t as popular here in India as compared to the U.S, we decided that a going all out for Halloween might not be in any one’s best interest. The Halloween party, on the other hand, is a different story. That’s why we’ve curated a few pieces of decor and games that definitely embody the Halloween spirit without it feeling like a children’s costume party.

1. Eye-Catcher

Halloween aside, this skull decanter will spark up conversation and fascination from anyone who sees it sitting on your bar shelf. Why display your spirits in the bottles they come in, when you can make things look fancier by displaying your alcohol in a decanter like this?

Skull Decanter – 125 ml
Rs. 659


2. Who Needs Fairy Lights?

No matter your decor, good lighting is what really adds to the spookiness of your display. Carve some pumpkins and put up some witchy decor, then turn on this Galaxy projector. The lights can either twinkle or be kept stationary depending on the effect you’re after. The great part about this projector is that you can use it for a number of festivals.

Galaxy Light Projector
Rs. 1149


3 Bloody Cocktails

A clear mason jar dispenser such as this one is begging for some blood coloured drinks to freak your guests out. Make a big batch of your bloody Mary or cranberry vodka drinks and serve it up in this dispenser. Throw in some Gummy worms and jelly chunks for an added creepy effect! Plus, when summer rolls around you can use it for your refreshing ice tea.

Mason Jar Dispenser
Rs. 1000


4. Liquid Courage

If you need some liquid courage, why not play a round of spin the shots? This little device has a pointer finger that spins and then stops – You guessed it, the person it points to is the one that downs the shot. Since it’s Halloween why not do chilli infused shots or weird combinations shot that will make everyone feel squeamish!

Spin The Shot
Rs. 499


5. Spider Webs!

These bunting lights actually look a lot like spider webs and with its primary coloured LED lights, it really does fit well with the overall Halloween theme. Decorate a corner with some fall leaves, jack o’lanterns and these lights and you’re all set to go.

Bunting Fairy Lights
Rs. 540


6. Iced Shots

A fun way to make your shots look even more menacing is to use these ice shot glasses. Get out your red food colouring and buy some googly-eyes (found at any stationery store), then fill the tray up with the red coloured water and add few of the eyes. Freeze till you have some seriously creepy looking iced shot glass! Plus, if you like your shots nice and chilled, these shot glasses are the way to go.

Ice Shot Glass Tray
Rs. 499


7. Naughty Naughty

If your Halloween parties are a tad bit risque, then you might want to pick up this adult pictionary. Just like the classic, you have to draw out the word on the card. Will you be able to make your guests guess these adult-themed words!? Well, a naughty Halloween party is the perfect place to find out!

Adult Pictionary
Rs. 1250


8. Photo Booth Prop

With everyone dressed in their costumes, you don’t need to go overboard and buy extra accessories for your home style photo booth. Instead, opt for these LED balloons that everyone can hold while posing for pictures. You’ll have the coolest Halloween party pictures, that will make all your uninvited frenemies green with envy.

LED Balloons
Rs. 299


9. Skull Shots

If you’re just planning on keeping it simple for your Halloween party, the least you can do is get yourself some skull shot glasses. Fill them up with jello or your favourite spirit and you’re good to go. Sometimes less is more!

Skull Shot Glasses
Rs. 749


10. Crawly Candles

Don’t these tea-candle stands look like robot spiders!? We think they do and with some red or black coloured tea candles in them, they will surely look spooky. Paired with the right Halloween decor, these little guys will look creepy and crawly enough to make anyone with an arachnophobia, shiver!

Geometric Tea Candle Stands
Rs. 460


Woo Hoo! Are you as excited for the 31st of October as we are? With these decor and game ideas, we’re sure your Halloween party is going to be an absolute smash! Do send us pictures of your costumes, especially if they’re unique and creative!

Feature Image Courtesy Lakecrest Apartments