Unlike King Midas, we are smitten by all things metallic, not just gold. Whether you love opulent or minimalist touches, metallics are a great way to add a bit of flair to your daily life.

They were all the rage last year and to be honest fashion may have moved on, but we’re still crushing on the metallic trend.  So, if you’re ready to add a little glitz and glam to your life, then have a look at our list of gilded pleasures.

1. Big Plans

This matte gold notebook is perfect to pen down all those big goals and plans that get you excited to wake up in the morning.

Matte Gold Notebook
Rs. 500



2. Stationery Queen

If you’re a collector of funky or quirky stationery then you’re going to love these metallic paper clips. Finally, a way to spruce up a stack of boring old documents!

Paper Clips Assorted – Set of 8
Rs. 499


3. More Sequins!

Colour changing cushions like these have been making noise all over the internet and we totally get why. It’s super satisfying to flip the sequins over and make patterns. You just have to try it.

Colour Changing Cushion Black/Gold
Rs. 899



4. Pretty Gifts

This mint/gold gift set has got our hearts aflutter. These will come in handy when you’re giving gifts or just want to send your loved ones some wishes.

Mint Green & Gold Gift Set
Rs. 1800


5. Copper Water

Whether you believe that drinking water from copper is beneficial or not, these bottles are a must-have. They are very trendy and are a huge upgrade from regular plastic or glass bottles.

Hand Hammered Copper Bottle
Rs. 655



6. Candle Lit Atmosphere

Place a few of these metallic candle jars together and watch as the light dances off the reflective surfaces. It sets the most romantic atmosphere when lit.

Metallic Candle Jars
Rs. 875


7. All-In-One

This clutch/diary is for the girl who loves to have a notebook and the essentials on her at all times. It’s perfect for when you have to make a quick trip to the grocery store – write down your list while having your cash and card handy.

Bronze Clutch Diary
Rs. 796


8. Some Serious Style

Summer isn’t the same without some seriously stylish sunnies. These metallic ones are perfect to check your crush out while at the beach – without them knowing!

Silver Sunglasses
Rs. 1500


9. Boss Lady Bling

This copper and wood pen holder is the right type of bling for the office. It screams ‘boss lady who means business.’

Pen Holder
Rs. 1590


10. Gotta Have It!

We know you’ve been trying to resist this fad, but this gold metallic fidget spinner is tremendously satisfying. Plus, it’s so sleek that you won’t look like a teenybopper while playing with it.

Tri Fidget Spinner
Rs. 480


Got a favourite from the list? If we had to pick, we’d say it was the Metallic Candle Jars. They really are as gorgeous as the pictures and they look fantastic on any mantle.

Till next time. Happy Shopping!