It’s the best time of the year when Diwali rolls in – a time when family, friends and fun all combine together for lasting memories. It’s the season of enjoying delicious food, mithai eating, poker playing and cocktail sipping. However, a huge part of these many activities is also the art of gift giving.

Keeping that in mind, we’ve curated a list of festive products that embody the Diwali spirit but won’t bust the bank. Everything here is under Rs. 1000, which makes them ideal to include in your Diwali hamper or to give as gifts.

1. The Best Type Of Firecrackers

Let’s be good to our environment and instead of bursting firecrackers, eat them instead! This box of 11 chocolates has been made to look like our favourite firecrackers and contains two chakris, two anaars, two rockets, three fuljhadis and two diyas. It’s also eggless and therefore suitable for everyone.

Cracker Chocolates
Rs. 730


2. Diwali Aroma

A candle is a classic gift, no matter the occasion. The label on this one says ‘candles, confetti and Diwali,’ a recipe for a lovely festive season. It comes in six scents French Vanilla, English Lavender, Lemongrass, Clean Cotton, Honey Pomegranate and Strawberry Bubblegum – which is your favourite?

Confetti Diwali Candle
Rs. 690


3. Bite Size Cookies!

This assorted pack of six different cookie bites has to be the best snackable choice for your diwali hamper. After all the boxes of Indian sweets, these cookies will be a refreshing and welcomed sweet treat. Plus they are vegetarian, all natural and 100% eggless.

Cookie Gift Box
Rs. 999


4. Fondue For Two

For the friends that are always serving up delicious food whenever you go to their house – they need this. It’s an uber cute table fondue set that is easy to use and clean. The bold Indian pattern on it makes it the perfect gift for the festive season.

Umrao Fondue Set
Rs. 650


5. Frosted Shots

These four frosted shot glass candles come in a gift box and have the most dreamy aromas. Each candle’s scent is named and inspired by a state of well-being – Energy, Focus, Relax and Comfort. If your Diwali is as hectic as ours, then these candles will surely help you keep calm and zen.

Shot Glass Candles Gift Set
Rs. 800


6. Gilded Gambling Sessions

Would Diwali be complete without a night of card playing? Give your card session an extra dose of dazzle with a set of gold playing cards. After all, Diwali is the one occasion when you can play up your opulent and grand personality.

Gold Playing Cards
Rs. 799


7. Floral Accents

You can never go wrong with too many candles, especially if they’re displayed in this lotus motif candle stand. Delicate and metallic, this lotus candle stand is perfect to decorate you home mandir. Add it to any hamper for an extra touch of festive flair.

Lotus Candle Stand
Rs. 900


8. Picture This!

We love these LED clip lights as they allow you to display your most cherished photographs. If you have an empty wall, why not hang these lights across it with pictures of your best mates and family. It’ll be a feature wall and add a sentimental touch to your otherwise normal Diwali decor. A great gift for those who love playing with fairy lights and lighting.

LED clip Lights – 20 Clips
Rs. 800


9. Rustic Chic

Diwali hampers that include decor items are always the most memorable since the receiver gets to keep the memento and use it in their home. These rustic yet chic wooden tea-candle stands will complement any household aesthetic and will also add to the festive mood of the season.

Wooden Stand – Set Of 3
Rs. 667


10. Fairy Jar

Gift a jar of happiness! This glass jar, filled with fairy lights is super cute and it’s an eye catching decor piece when lit at night. It can be used indoor or in the garden, anywhere it goes, it’ll be sure to illuminate the space with a magical feel.

Jar Lantern
Rs. 699


Get that Diwali shopping done soon because before you know it, it’ll be time to celebrate! We hope you like our curation of Diwali gifts, we’ll keep adding more to the collection. If there is something in specific you’re looking for, budget no bar, then check the Diwali Blast collection every week!