Have a few birthdays coming up? Well then, chances are you need some gift ideas for Pisces. Commonly associated with the fish symbol or water sign, Pisces people are compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, wise and love to escape reality! In most cases, these are the type of people who love the water – we’re talking about beaches, oceans, shells, mermaids and even soaking in bath salts! Give a Pisces something to do with water, and they’ll be happy.

That’s why a lot of the products we pulled for this ‘gift ideas for Pisces’ list has the element of water or fish in them. If your friend isn’t a Pisces but just a water baby, we’re sure they’ll love these products too!

1. Mermaid Vibes

Not only are these bang on trend with the whole mermaid obsession, but they’re also extremely useful for makeup lovers. This mermaid makeup brush set is a great gift idea for anyone who enjoys getting dolled up and heading out for the night – just like a Pisces!

Mermaid Brush Set
Rs. 1099


2. Plan It Out!

Pisces people love to escape reality, and they sometimes need some grounding in the form of concrete plans. A planner like this one can help them focus on the days and months ahead and swim to their goals successfully.

Pisces Planner
Rs. 468


3. Soak Therapy

As far as we’re concerned, any gift that involves a Pisces being submerged in water is a home run! This Himalayan pink salt rejuvinating bath salts will help ease their tension away – they can use it for a comforting foot soak, or if they have a tub, they can relax in there for hours!

Himalayan Pink Salt Rejuvinating Bath Salts
Rs. 400


4. Jewellery Queen

The Pisces girl in your life will love the little nod to the ocean with this layered shell necklace. Not only is it dainty but it’s also a unique piece of jewellery that can be worn with almost anything. We’re sure she’s going to love it at first sight! We also have some incredible rings to choose from, just incase she’s not a necklace girl.

Layered Shell Necklace
Rs. 599


5. Ocean Blue Beauty

Gift Ideas for Pisces couldn’t be complete without a whole bath kit inspired by the magnificent ocean. This charming Under The Water bath set comes with all the essentials – Shampoo, conditioner, soap, shower gel and body lotion. Your Pisces man or woman is going to love smelling like a sun-kissed ocean breeze!

Under The Ocean Bath Kit
Rs. 1000


6. Beach Party!

A true Pisces will never give up the opportunity to head to the beach and party with their sunnies on! These ocean blue sunglasses are what any spirited water person would love to wear, and you know they can actually pull these off! They can take these with them to the beach or wear them daily – they’re just that cool!

Round Sunglasses
Rs. 1665


7. Bracelet Envy

Another great gift idea for Pisces are these layered shell bracelets that you know they’ll love. As we’ve said countless times before, you can never go wrong with giving jewellery as a gift. Your Pisces girlfriends can wear these bracelets separately or all together, either way, they’ll be making a statement.

Shell Bracelets
Rs. 699


8. Cuddle Time

For all those who dream of cuddling up to a mermaid, well this is as close as you can get with a little imagination! This blue mermaid tail blanket is the perfect gift idea for a Pisces who loves to curl up with a good book and read. They’ll love feeling like they’re part mermaid, even if it’s all make-believe.

Mermaid Tail Blanket
Rs. 2499


9. Ocean Spray

To many water lovers the feeling of an ocean mist across their faces is the epitome of being refreshed, so why not give them that feeling with this next product? This face toner spray is perfect for these hotter months we’re going through. Just one spray and you’re instantly refreshed!

Refreshing Face Toner Spray
Rs. 550


10. Coastal Travel

You can’t keep a water baby away from the ocean for too long. We bet your Pisces friends will plan holidays in exotic coastal places, so why not give them a passport cover that matches that beachy vibe? This cute shell motif one will speak to their water-loving and escapist hearts!

Shell Motif Passport Cover
Rs. 850


All this talk of the beach and the ocean is really making us want to take a road trip and hit the closest beach city! Well, we may not be able to take time off from our office schedule, but at least we can purchase some of these gift ideas for Pisces.

There are a bunch of products available on PropShop24, so if you don’t quite see something you like on this list, do make sure to check that out.

Happy Propping!

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