Wow, January is over, and we’re in February already, which means it’s the month of the air sign – Aquarius. The gift ideas for Aquarius is all about thinking about their personality and finding something that matches it. Don’t worry we’ve done that for you and come up with a list of ultra-cool gifts ideas for Aquarius.

Let’s hop right to it, shall we?

1. It’s All About being relaxed.

Make this air sign’s bath time experience all the more relaxing with some fresh aqua aroma in the form of bath salts. These help to soothe aches and pains, plus it smells dreamy.

Under The Ocean Bath Salts
Rs. 400


2. No Drama Please

You may have noticed that these guys dislike drama and try to avoid it as much as possible. That’s why this tote bag is an ideal gift idea for Aquarius women. As it rightly says ‘Save the drama for your mama.’ We’re sure they’ll get a kick with this birthday gift.

Drama Tote Bag
Rs. 1300


3. Just Unwind

Another super gift idea for Aquarius is something to help them unwind. They tend to overextend themselves and get burnt out. Get them this yoga mat cover as a hint to take up the practice and to – Inhale, Exhale!

Inhale Exhale Yoga Mat Bag
Rs. 750


4. Take Off!

Unpredictable, they like to pick up and leave whenever possible. You never know when or where an Aquarius will take off to next. Feed into their wanderlust spirit by gifting them a smart overnight bag. They’ll definitely take it on their next road trip!

Overnight Bag
Rs. 2390


5. Zen Time

Always on the go and being the life of the party can really tire them out. That’s why they need to chill out and take some time to just be Zen. Help make their bedroom an aromatic oasis where they can relax. Gift them a fresh candle that will bring them back to their upbeat selves.

Aquarius Candle – Clean Cotton
Rs. 690


6. Boss Thoughts

A Great gift idea for Aquarius men and women is any product that helps with their authoritative and boss like nature. This sleek ‘The Boss’ notebook is ideal for their big dreams and goals. They can also use it to jot down their thoughts when they feel overwhelmed.

The Boss Notebook
Rs. 400


7. Super Adventurous!

As we mentioned before, Aquarius men and women love adventure and enjoy travelling. They probably have their passport ready for use at the drop of a hat. So why not give them a passport cover that will compliment that adventurous lifestyle?

Bon Voyage Passport Cover
Rs. 450


8. The Small Things

When we talk about gift ideas for Aquarius men and women, we have to consider their love for the small things. They enjoy small things in life like a cup of tea in the afternoon or finding the perfect healthy snack. So, why not give them some de-stressing tea that they’ll thoroughly appreciate.

De-stress Tea
Rs. 250


9. Social Butterflies

Aquarius men and women are super social. They love to be at a party with tons of people or constantly on their phone, calling friends and checking on their social media. Nowadays our social lives revolve around our phones, so why not get a phone cover for a birthday gift?

Black Marble Phone Cover
Rs. 599


10. Modern Aesthetic

These guys all have an ultra-modern streak when it comes to their preferences. So, if you’re thinking of some jewellery as a gift idea for Aquarius women, consider a modern looking piece. These minimalist and chic earrings are something an Aquarius woman would appreciate.

Disk Earrings
Rs. 900


So many gift ideas for Aquarius men and women! Find something you like? We hope you like our selection of Birthday gifts for Aquarius people. Zodiac aside, these would make a great gift for anyone.

Don’t see something you like on the list? Head to PropShop24 for more inspiration and curated gifts.

Happy Propping!

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