Friendship day is right around the corner and that means showing your appreciation for your best guy friends with some stellar gifts. Days kicking back with the boys either playing football or partying like crazy are some of the best days – so, let’s celebrate that friendship with a great gift guide.

1. Guys And Cars

You can’t go wrong with gifting car accessories, mostly all boys love their cars, so getting something for their biggest toy will always be appreciated. This car caddy fits in between the car seat and gearbox console, making it great for storage.

Car Caddy
Rs 350


2. Say Cheers

Your photography loving friends will be thrilled to get this camera lens cup. Don’t be fooled by its appearance, it’s actually a travel mug and fits in any regular size car cup holder. Your buddy is going to have a field day tricking all his colleagues at work with this one.

Camera Lens Cup
Rs. 680


3. How Much Do You Lift Bro?

If your buddy is all about them gainz, then this next purchase is going to bring him all kinds of smiles. This dumbbell water bottle is great to carry to the office as you can add in a few bicep curls while taking a break from work.

Dumbbell Water Bottle
Rs. 500


4. Skull Vibes

Any good bar needs a skull decanter to give it some edge. Plus it’s a great way to store tequila, gin or even vodka. We’re sure you have at least two friends who’d love to have one of these.

Skull Decanter
Rs. 859


5. Travel Bug

If travel is a way of life for one of your best mates, we couldn’t think of anything better than this notebook. He can take it with him on his travels and use it as a journal to document the many exciting things he finds on his journeys.

Travel Notebook
Rs. 220


6. Suit Up

Make sure your bros that wear power suits to work have a tie hanger in their wardrobe. Dressing like a boss is one thing, but maintaining quality menswear requires accessories like this tie hanger. He’ll be ever so happy to have something like this to organize his tie collection.

Tie Hanger
Rs. 180


7. One More Shot?

If you’ve already gifted your buddy a skull decanter, then why not get him matching shot glasses this time around. Plus, the next time you go to his house, you can use this gift as an excuse to do shots – drink responsibly of course!

Skull Shot Glasses – Set Of 4
Rs. 859


8. Book Ninja

Men who love to read are definitely a plus in a lady’s book. Your best bud knows this, so why not give him something that will surely draw attention to his book collection. This Katana bookend is not only functional, it’s also a head turner.

Katana Bookend
Rs. 650


9. More Beer!

Share a glass of Sunday shandy with your closest guy friend. This funky beer glass is in the shape of a classic beer bottle and even has a bottle cap at the bottom. Get two, one for each of you – what better way to celebrate your friendship?

Beer Glass
Rs. 769


10. Mooch Mates

Celebrate friendship and your beards with this fun beard pin. If you have a whole gang of bearded boys, then get one for each – don’t give out the conventional friendship band this year, get these instead, they are way cooler.

Beard Pin
Rs. 325


We’re sure you’ve got a big boys night planned for friendship day. So, we won’t keep you any longer. Have a great time with the boys and remember to tag us on your social media if you’re giving any of these products as gifts.

Happy Propping!

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