If there is one type of gift that you can’t go wrong with it’s a piece of jewellery. No matter the occasion, jewellery is a safe bet. However, finding the perfect piece that matches a powerhouse personality might prove to be a lot more difficult than initially anticipated.

We here are PropShop24 kept that in mind when curating our newly launched jewellery section. We wanted to put together pieces that were unique, eye-catching, statement-making and bold – Just like you, our Proppers. The list below has some of our favourite pieces that would make fantastic gifts for anyone who loves their jewellery to speak volumes about their personality.

1. Magic Coins

Growing up, did anyone else have an uncle that did magic tricks and would pull a coin from your ear? Well, this ear-cuff is definitely bringing back those fun childhood memories. This coin ear-cuff makes a statement, that’s for sure, so just be ready to get noticed for all the right reasons!

Coin Ear-Cuff
Rs. 1499


2. Tweet Tweet

Now here is a piece that is bound to grab some curious stares, in the best way possible. It’s a delicate but gangster looking palm cuff that has two little birdies standing guard. Keep your outfit simple – monochrome classics work best, as this cuff and your confidence deserve the spotlight.

Bird Palm Cuff
Rs. 2500


3. Whimsical

We love seeing modern jewellery worn with traditional outfits, the juxtaposition of it all really makes the pairing work. These hot-air balloon drop earrings will complement any Indian outfit without being overpowering. Plus, it adds a touch of the whimsical to your look.

Hot Air Balloon Earrings
Rs. 3090


4. Too Fierce To Handle

These handmade, silver plated disc shape earrings are not for the faint-hearted. Ultra modern and minimalist, you can’t go wrong wearing them. Team them with a stark white shirt, power trousers and a pair of killer heels for an overall fierceness that you better be ready to rock!

Silver Handmade Disc Earrings
Rs. 2400


5. Moon Landing

We can only imagine that space exploration was the inspiration behind this stellar ring. We love that the ring looks like it has the sun, the moon and a tiny planet embedded on it. Now if that’s not cool enough for you, what is!?

Lunar Disc Ring
Rs. 4500


6. Struck Gold

Oh, don’t mind us, we’re just walking around with a small gold nugget because we have that much swagger! Diggin’ that vibe too? Then you’ve got to get your fingers around this one. Inspired by charcoal formations and nature, it’s a ring that won’t go unnoticed.

Gold Nugget Ring
Rs. 1700


7. Blogger Style

The secret to putting together blogger style outfits is in the details. Look at any of your favourite fashion bloggers and then decode their look. You’ll find that they elevate their outfits with simple accessories that pack a punch, just like this edgy collar necklace. Pair it with a turtleneck or with an off the shoulder dress, either way, this piece will up your style quotient.

Collar Necklace
Rs. 850


8. Warrior Tribe

Show off your warrior spirit with a piece of jewellery that we can only imagine was inspired by shieldmaidens and their weapons. This gold Jhaali designed ring is bold and will complement almost any outfit you have in your wardrobe. How will you wear it?

Gold Jhaali Ring
Rs. 2500


9. Who Needs Shoes?

With anklets this gorgeous, who needs shoes!? Make that beach trip even more stylish with these bohemian, silver chain anklets. If you’re a newlywed, this pair of anklets will show off your mehendi in the most beautiful way possible. What’s not to love!?

Bohemian Anklets
Rs. 449


10. Textile Love

There is something about using textile in jewellery that makes the pieces stand out. These grey textile earrings with white embroidery and small metal discs have a timeless elegance about them. Wear them with a handloom sari or a shift dress, either way, you’ll look well put together.

Grey Textile Earrings
Rs. 1080


Aren’t you happy we have a jewellery section on PropShop24? These exquisite pieces can now be yours to own or to give as a gift. We keep adding products every week, so check back to find some more of these unique jewels.

Happy Propping!

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