We don’t know how it happened but we’ve got a case of the flamingo fever. It seems like everywhere we look nowadays, these long-legged, graceful birds pop up. You know what they say – be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons and that’s exactly what we’d like to do, by giving you a list of some fantastical flamingo print products.

Ready to get your feathers ruffled by these stellar products?

1. Bottle Opener

Why go for the typical bottle openers when this one looks so gorgeous. If you’re really into tropical kitchenware, this gold flamingo bottle opener will fit right in. We like that it looks so delicate and unassuming, lying on your bar top, no one will guess it’s a bottle opener. Perfect!

Flamingo Bottle Opener
Rs. 550


2. Earphone Case

The commute to work is made sweeter with music but we’re a bit fed up with our earphones getting tangled and ruined at the bottom of our handbags when the journey is over. Luckily these earphone cases have really helped us out with this problem. The flamingo print is a major plus too!

Flamingo Earphone Case
Rs. 199


3. Flock Of Pens

Could there be anything cuter than a pen with a mini flamingo on top!? We think not. All your schoolmates are going to flip when they see this pen pop out your pencil case. Why not get a bunch, so you and your friends can have matching sets? Fun!

Flamingo Gel Pen
Rs. 149


4. Floatie

Pool time isn’t complete without drinks in the pool right? Refreshing mocktails in the pool is what summer is all about. To take that feeling up a notch, why not get these flamingo floaties to float next to you while you relax in the pool. Ah, the life!

Flamingo Floatie
Rs. 500


5. Makeup Bag

Don’t try to fight it, you know you need a flamingo makeup pouch. Use it’s tropical vibes as inspiration for your makeup looks and we’re sure you’ll be looking like a flamingo in a pack of pigeons! Just don’t over do it with the pink eyeshadow.

Flamingo Makeup Pouch
Rs. 400


6. LED Light

Every tropical inspired room deserves a flamingo LED light. Don’t try to deny yourself, you know you need one of these sitting on your bedside table. They also look great on dressing tables where you take your selfies. A great room decor piece but it’s also functional and gives any room some extra light.

Flamingo LED Light
Rs. 1500


7. Notebook

Take down memos, write down errands, make lists or use it as a journal. There are many reasons to have a notebook in your house/office. This upbeat flamingo print notebook adds a little fun to your day, plus it’s a spiral notebook which makes it easy to tear away pages if needed.

Flamingo Spiral Notebook
Rs. 290


8. Stands

We have an infatuation with all things metallic and stationery – when they’re put together we just can’t help ourselves! This little stand ticks all the right boxes – metallic, check; flamingo, check; rose gold, CHECK! Do we need to say more?

Flamingo Rose Stand
Rs. 350


9. Paper Clips

Speaking of stationery, if you’re an enthusiast then you’re probably going to love these flamingo paper clips. Not only are they a vibrant metallic pink colour, they are actually useful. Brighten up your workspace with these paper clips and you’re bound to have a better work day.

Flamingo Paper Clips
Rs. 200


10. Cloth Bag

Now more than ever, we need to stop using disposable plastic bags and start using cloth bags. Be part of the movement and get yourself this upbeat flamingo cloth bag that will surely come in handy. Carry your groceries or a few bottles of wine to your friend’s house, either way, this bag is a keeper!

Flamingo Cloth Bag
Rs. 450


Are you starting to feel like a flamingo after reading this? Time to start adding some of these products to your life if you just can’t get enough of these birds. We can’t place our finger on it, but something about flamingo prints really peps up our day! Agree?