Putting a little effort into what to you wear and how you look, never hurt anybody. So go on and take a look at some of our favourites…

After all … a man is what he wears.

Forth Wallet – Light Tan

RS. 2000/-

Tan always works well for men with style. This one’s a perfect blend of class , style and durability.

Cufflinks – Yellow Punch

RS. 1500/-

Cufflinks are a very suave yet under rated accessory. These quirky cufflinks will add the right amount of spunk and energy to your boring formal attire.

Why not jazz your white shirt up?

Bowtie – Navy Blue with White and Red Stripes 

RS. 1200/-

Bowties are man’s best friend. They are super chic, easy to wear and make you look better than what you’d thought!

This bow tie will add a bit of zing to your shirt. Since bowties are in always in vogue, this one is a right investment!

Reading Glasses – Two Tone Amber Round Frame

RS. 1500/-

Whether you are an artsy hobo or a corporate mouse, reading glasses are on every man’s hit list. These quirky chic glasses will give your attire a powerful and sexy edge. Perfect to go with your formals and casuals too.

Do you prefer unconventional sunglasses instead? Check them out here.

Tie Hanger

RS. 1000/-

Lapel pins are the most minimal of accessories that can change your entire look. This metallic rose lapel pin adds the perfect finishing touch to your look. It speaks for the tough guys with soft hearts!

Also, don’t forget to carry your smile, because the lapel pin is not the only accessory you must be wearing.

So, say hi to style and nail it like a boss!

Featured Image Courtesy: tommaslanka.tumblr.com