You may have noticed the PropShop24 website and social media profiles looking extra cool of late. There is one major reason for this – Far Left sunglasses. Yes, that’s right we launched a new private label of sunglasses, and we couldn’t be more excited with the new venture!

If you’re wondering about the meaning of the name, well we’re spilling the beans on everything! We sat down with Gunjan Malhotra from the merchandise team, to get all the answers about this new range of sunglasses, available exclusively on PropShop24.

Here’s what she had to say.

Team PropShop24: Who and what sparked the idea of creating a private label of sunglasses?
Gunjan Malhotra: Between the high-end sunnies and the cheap replicas, there was a gap for something unique. A gap that needed to be filled with high-street sunglasses, covering different types of trends and had UV protection.

This is why we thought of Far Left.

Q2: Of all the popular products available on PropShop24, why sunglasses?
GM: Sunglasses were on top of our list for many reasons. Firstly, they are a holiday accessory! Secondly, sunglasses are an accessory that both men and women wear. Plus, a lot of our styles are gender-neutral – which is so on trend now. Lastly, it’s an easy-to-carry accessory that adds personality to your look, and something everyone needs on a daily basis.

Q3: Who came up with the name ‘Far Left’ and what does it mean/stand for?
PropShop24’s co-founder Amtosh Singh came up with the name Far Left. We felt the name embodied a left-wing, liberal approach to every ideology. Far Left is all about being out of the box and breaking the monotony – exactly what we aim to follow with this private label.

Q4: Give us the top three reasons why this range of sunglasses is a step above the rest?
GM: Again, there are so many reasons, however, on the top of my head:
1) It’s affordable, the sunglasses range from Rs. 800 to 1500.
2) It’s Trendy – we spent a lot of time analysing all the current trends, and we’ve tried to make sure all of them are covered. PS – I personally love the reading glass collection.
3) UV Protection – You may not know this, but a lot of high-street brands don’t have this primary feature with their sunglasses. Which is why we wanted to include it in our range of sunglasses. What more do you need?

Q5: What were the main themes/inspirations behind some of the styles?
GM: We’ve tried to cover multiple trends! From the classics to some black statement pieces, we’ve got it all. There are even some uber cool retros styles that come in a bunch of colours. Plus, tinted glasses and micros sunglasses are hot right now, which is why we have ample styles to suit your personality. Something I personally love from the collection is the variety of reading glasses. Even if you don’t have a number, you’ll be tempted to buy one of our stylish pairs.

Q6: Name a celebrity you’d love to see rock a pair of Far Left sunglasses, why?
GM: No one better than Ranveer Singh – his style is fantastic! His outfits are out of the world, unique and OTT –  just like Far Left. It would be amazing to see him in one of our sunnies! Ranveer, If you’re reading this, give us a call, we’ll love to send a box over!

Q7: After sunglasses, what is next? What new private labels can Proppers expect to see in the future?
GM: Can’t say much, but we are looking at disrupting the accessory space. So stay tuned, something is coming your way, super soon! 🙂

Wow, we bet you can’t wait to see what’s in store! Till then why not check out our top 10 picks from the Far Left Collection below!


1. Baby Spice

If you remember the Spice Girls, then you’ll get the reference. These micro Pink sunglasses scream Emma Bunting! Gather all your girlfriends and get pair that matches each Spice Girl – then head out on the town for a fun girl’s night!

New York – Pink
Rs. 850


2. Safari Chic

These gender-neutral sunglasses are giving us some major Safari feels! Wear them with a Khaki and Beige outfit to take it up a notch. However, they don’t need much to stand out, so wear them with whatever outfit you deem fit!

Vienna – Blue
Rs. 800


3. Bigger The Better

Micro and mini-sunglasses are a definite trend, but if you can’t get on that bandwagon – you have to go big! These dark, ombre tinted sunglasses are just want you need to keep the sun away! Plus, it hides a multitude of sins from the night before – if you catch our drift!

Seoul – Black
Rs. 850


4. Chic Lady

This unique pair of sunglasses is perfect for any fashionista. Its design is stylish enough that it doesn’t overpower an outfit, yet chic enough to pair with something understated. What more do you want from a pair of sunglasses?

Goa – Gold
Rs. 850


5. For The Brave

These sunglasses are not for the faint-hearted! They’re one of a kind and need a personality to match. If you feel you and your wardrobe have got what it takes to pull them off, then ‘add to cart’ today!

Rs. 850


6. Minimalist Gandhi

Your reading glasses need not be boring! This minimalist round frame can be fitted with your prescription lenses so that you’ll be looking geek-chic in no time. This style is a huge trend all over East Asia, and we can see why – they’re super cute!

Antwerp – Clear
Rs. 1000


7. Bubble Bee

We love a splash of color, especially if its sunglasses. Not only do they have tons of personality, but it’s also fun to see the world in shades of Yellow! Tinted shades are hot at the moment, and with styles like this, we’re not surprised!

Milan – Yellow
Rs. 850


8. Not Your Average Aviators

These gorgeous sunglasses have taken the classic aviator style and given it a pink twist! The super-sleek design makes the frame lightweight, perfect to wear for long periods of time. If you love collecting unique aviator styles, you need to get your hands on this one!

Porto – Pink
Rs. 850


9. Green Envy

You know your friends are going to be Green with envy when they see this pair of sunglasses. Silver and green is a classic combination, but one you don’t see with sunglasses – making this pair one of a kind!

Ubud – Green
Rs. 950


10. Beach Ready

Every iconic beach outfit needs a pair of fabulous sunglasses, and we have just the pair. These octagon shaped sunglasses with a Peach-tinted glass screams summer! They’re a summer vacation must-have, so don’t forget to pack them on your next trip.

Rs. 850


Those were our top picks this season, but we’re constantly adding new styles – so keep checking back! While we do keep re-stocking, they’re flying out like hot cakes – do make sure you grab your favourite pair before it like sells out.

Happy Propping!


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