Ain’t nothing wrong with the #mondayblues when you take the term quite literally. Being positively minded, we’re going to ignore the real meaning and focus instead on cool products that are in the colour – you guessed it – BLUE! So, let’s snap out of those Monday blues and take a look at some blue-hued products that could actually lift your mood!

1. Water Glasses

These cool blue tumblers are just what your kitchen or office pantry requires. They’re a super shade of cerulean blue that is bound to cheer up even the greyest state of mind. Plus these are hand-blown by local Indian artisans.

Blue Glasses – Set Of 2
Rs. 1000


2. Kettle and Cup

There is nothing a good cup of chai can’t fix and when served in this super sweet kettle and cup set – what more could you need? Wake up next Monday morning and sip your chai from this set, we assure you, you’ll be kicking those Monday blues all day!

Umrao Kitli Small Royal Blue Set
Rs. 420


3. Blue Pea Tea

Speaking of tea, we’re sure you’ve heard of this Blue Pea tea that’s all the rage on the internet right now. It really does turn blue and if you don’t believe us, give it a go. To really up your tea game, try adding a small shot of condensed milk to this tea when iced – our spin on the infamous Vietnamese Ice Tea.

Blue Pea Tea Leaves
Rs. 495


4. Card Holder

A card holder is the single most essential item in any handbag. Besides the utility of keeping all your cards in one place – it’s also compact enough to put in different bags from your clutches to your totes. Saving you the hassle of having to make sure your bag has all the essentials every time you want to match your outfit. Plus, this bright blue colour makes it easy to find in your deep tote bags!

Blue Card Holder
Rs. 500


5. Sunglasses

Walk into Mondays like a boss woman in these icy, ombre sunglasses. They are a great pair of sunglasses to team with your otherwise boring workwear outfit. Add this to your sunglass collection, you’ll be amazed at how they go with so many outfits and are appropriate for different occasions.

Blue Ombre Sunglasses
Rs. 1500


6. Makeup Pouch

This geometric makeup pouch is the perfect size to carry in your handbag. Keep all your essentials from your mascara, BB cream and favourite lipstick – so, you’re always picture perfect on the go.

Blue Geometric Makeup Pouch
Rs. 399


7. Scented Candle

Sweet smelling candles are another sure-shot way to lift the spirits. This vegetable wax candle has a great blueberry aroma that is bound to kick some of those Monday blues. Plus, it has over 30 hours of burning time, which means you can keep it going all Monday long!

Blueberry Scented Candle
Rs. 399


8. Large Tote

When people say they don’t need a large tote bag to carry their whole world around – they are lying. This smart navy blue tote is a must-have for any busy lady. It’s big enough for your makeup bag, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, wallet, keys and even your boyfriend’s knick-knacks that don’t fit in his pockets!

Navy Blue Tote Bag
Rs. 2200


9. Document Holder

Now, here’s a really cute way to store your documents. This cylindrical canister comes with a document pouch that you can roll up and store for safekeeping. It’s also a great way to never lose documents since it’s so eye-catching you’ll always be able to spot it.

Blue Document Holder
Rs. 450


10. Laptop Bag

Working on your laptop all Monday can really be a damper on anyone’s spirits. At least make packing it up a little bit more delightful with this chic boho laptop bag. It has compartments for all your essentials and goes well with any workwear outfit.

Boho Laptop Bag
Rs. 1650


Let’s hope these blue hues can cheer you up a little but in case it doesn’t, we know of something that has proven to always triumph over #mondayblues – Happy hours! I’m sure everyone agrees with that one!

Happy Propping


Feature Image Courtesy Living Colour Style Blog