When Ganesh Chaturthi comes around, it means many things but namely that the festive season is upon us. It’s time to start the spring cleaning and begin planning all the poojas and parties to reflect our festive spirit. This is also the season to decorate the house, which is why we’ve got a list of decorative items from our curated luxury home collection, for you to select from.

1. Glass Mirror Box

Although this is traditionally a jewellery box, we love the idea of using this glass, mirror-bottom box as a decorative tray to put tea candles on. It makes for a great addition to the house mandir or as a decorative statement piece to display candles.

Glass Jewellery Box
Rs. 1035


2. Tea Glasses

The mint tea lovers in your life will adore this Moroccan tea glass set. It comes with a wooden tray that makes it easy to serve these multi-colour tea glasses. Dazzle guests with a touch of Morocco and for that added flair, serve the tea with traditional dates instead of sugar. Besides its normal use, you could also put tea-candles in the glasses and use them purely decoratively.

Moroccan Tea Glasses With Wooden Tray
Rs. 750


3. Gold Planters

When it comes to decor, if there is one thing we don’t see enough of during the festive season, is more indoor plants. Not only do they help purify the air but it brings a sense of nature and calm to any space. Combine that with some stylish gold planters and you’ve got a decor hit on your hands.

Gold Planters Set Of 2
Rs 750


4. Tea-Light Stand

Brighten up any home with this charming wooden tea-light stand. Pair all three together or club them with your knick-knacks, either way, they will look gorgeous. This is a great decor piece for people who love experimenting with different types of lighting in their house.

Wooden Tea-Light Stand – Set Of 3
Rs 980


5. Cake Stand

The festive season is incomplete without an array of sweet treats. Don’t use cakes stands solely for cakes, fill them with delicious mithai and place them on your dessert table. Dramatic effect – accomplished!

Wooden Cake Stand
Rs. 1499


6. Cushions

A great way to update any house is to change the soft furnishings. Get some decadent cushion covers in bold prints that will surely give your home a facelift. Experiment with prints and textures when it comes to cushions, don’t be afraid to try different combinations. Plus, if you’re wondering, you can never have too many cushions!

Cushion Covers
Rs. 850


7. Terrarium

We love using these glass terrariums as statement light pieces. Put some fairy lights in them and voila – you’ve got a beautiful festive lamp. This one can be hung or kept on a mantle, but we feel the best way to show off this piece is to have a few strung up in your balcony or home garden.

Glass Terrarium
Rs 2596


8. Wall Hanging

A vibrant new wall hanging is another way to quickly make changes to your home to give it a refreshed look. This decorative wall hanging with an inspirational quote is a head turner and will work well for any space, not just the living room.

A Little Magic Wall Hanging
Rs. 8990


9. Geometric Planters

If your home has a modern aesthetic then this geometric cement planter is perfect for your space. Get a few and have them all over the house to bring the outdoors in. We suggest planting succulents, as they look fantastic but are also easy to maintain.

The Square Faced Planter
Rs. 699


10. Magazine Stand

We love decor pieces that are also functional. Instead of stacking your magazines or newspapers in the corner, showcase them in this brass magazine stand. Not only will your house look tidy but your most prized periodicals will get their time in the limelight too.

Brass Magazine Stand
Rs. 1475


We can’t wait to get this festive season started with all the products listed above. Whether you buy them for decorative purposes or just as a treat for yourself, we’re sure it’s going to be a superb festive season.

Happy Propping!