There is so much to love about the summer months – the sun, the tan and most definitely the parties! If you’re a host that enjoys having friends over and throwing big summer parties, then you know how important decor plays in setting the tone.

Whether it be birthday parties, bachelorettes, baby showers or even a BBQ – there is always a reason to go OTT with the decor. PropShop24 has a dedicated ‘Bar and Party‘ section where you can find all sorts of fun products for any themed party.

Here are our picks of some decor essentials for all your summer parties.

1. Glitter Touch

Is it even a party if there aren’t balloons to brighten up the place? Well, skip the usual ones and instead charm your guests with these bad boys. These glitter balloons will steal the show no matter what the occasion

Glitter Balloons
Rs. 250


2. Paper Decor

Summer parties should feel energetic and vibrant – good decor pieces can help with that. These paper fans come in a set of 8, with different yet cohesive prints that liven up any space. Plus, they’re reusable and can be stored easily since they fold up.

Botanical Paper Fans
Rs. 800


3. Mix It Up!

Don’t waste time mixing up cocktails or mocktails at your next party or bridal shower. When you have these pre-mix mocotails on hand, signature drinks like Mojitos, Comopolitans, Margaritas and Bloody Marys are  a breeze to make!

Cocktail Mixes – Pack Of 12
Rs. 300


4. Coaster Fun!

Any good host knows that when it comes to throwing crazy parties, your furniture usually takes the brunt of the festivities. Protect those table and countertops with these beachy shell motif coasters. They’re stylish, useful and help with the longevity of your priceless furniture.

Shell Coasters
Rs. 850


5. The Tiki Life

If you’d like to mix things up a bit, why not host a Hawaiian/luau theme party? Get that tropical island feel with these fabulous on-point Tiki mugs. We don’t know about you, but just looking at these mugs gets us in the mood to LIMBO!

Tiki Mugs – Set Of 4
Rs. 999


6. Rose Gold Obsessed

We’re totally obsessed with rose gold themed bridal showers. Especially when there are so many incredible decor products to choose from. Of all those products, the bridal sash is the most important, and we think the bride-to-be will love this one!

Bride-To-Be Sash
Rs. 300


7. Birthday Balloons

You’ve probably seen these fun birthday balloons everywhere, and that’s because they’re super trendy. If you don’t want to spend too much time or money on decorating for a party, then these balloons are ideal and make a statement.

Birthday Metallic Balloons
Rs. 399


8. Fired Up!

This next party product is going to be the talk of the season. Whip up a batch of your favourite cocktail and get ready to dispense it out firefighter style! It works just like a regular extinguisher. Pump the handle, and it will build up pressure within the container, then simply use the hose to dispense the drinks!

Fire Extinguisher Dispenser
Rs. 2022


9. Chic Copper

Environmentally friendly and stylish? Say What! Dress up your smoothies and cocktails with these copper straws this summer. Whether you choose to use them at parties or not, it’s immaterial. They’re a house staple; they’re easy to clean and reusable – the perfect substitute to their non-biodegradable counterparts.

Copper Straws – Set Of 4
Rs. 1050


10. Musically Inclined

Why should bottle openers be boring, when they can show off your personality? If you’re a music lover, then we’re sure you’ll appreciate this music sign bottle opener. It also makes a great gift for any friends who are having a housewarming party or are music enthusiasts.

Musical Sign Bottle Open
Rs. 499


In the words of Pink – Let’s get the party started! We hope you enjoyed our top decor picks for your summer parties. Do tag us in your party pictures, especially if you’ve purchased any of these products from the list.

We’re constantly adding new products to the PropShop24 website, so whether it be a pair of sunglasses or a unique piece of jewellery – we’re sure you’ll find some you’re going to be crazy about.

Happy Propping!


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Image courtesy Elevate on Unsplash