It’s been two months now and we still can’t stop smiling about our brand new store at the Flea Bazaar Cafe, in Lower Parel, Bombay. Now getting last minute gifts is even easier since our store is always stocked with our online best sellers and a few in-store exclusives.

Many of you might not know, but PropShop24 hasn’t solely been online, we’ve also been present in many exhibitions and pop-ups. This is where we get to interact with our clients and see for ourselves the reactions to the goodies we curate. Which is why, having a physical store was so important right from the get go.

We caught up with Amtosh Singh, co-founder of PropShop24, to get an insider view about this new milestone and just why you need to come visit.

Team PropShop 24: What was the inspiration/motivation behind wanting to open a physical store?
Amtosh Singh: Opening a physical store is something that has always been at the back of my mind. In our early days when we would regularly participate in exhibitions, watching the customers interact with the products with a bit of amazement and a bit of confusion is what sparked the thought.

From then on, we had a pop up shop in our office in Bandra for about 10 months which was received very well. Even without too much promotion and in spite of the store being on the first floor, we had about 10 walk-ins a day and most customers left with a bag filled with gifts – which was a certain amount of validation. Unfortunately, we had to stop the office pop up due to a space constraint.

In 2017, we collaborated with Social (Impressario) to produce an offline event featuring 30 of our best selling online brands called the Anti Pop Up. We did 2 editions which were a big success. We sat down with the Social team and together came up with the idea of being a part of their new venture the Flea Bazaar Café – a one of its kind concept space featuring 14 of Bombay’s most loved food brands and 1 merchandise store – PropShop24. Think of it as a permanent pop up with food, cocktails and shopping. It’s been 2 months since our launch and we are loving the experience.

TP24: Tell us a bit about the location of the store
AS: The store is located inside the Flea Bazaar Café, which is in the Oasis City Complex, Lower Parel. The complex is full of bars, restaurants & cafes and constantly buzzing with a mix of people from all over Bombay. The space really comes alive on a daily basis post-work hours when employees from all of the offices in the area descend to the space for post-work drinks. While we obviously see more traffic on weekends, weekdays are busy too. This makes it a perfect spot for our first store.

TP24: What was the brief behind the decor of the store?
AS: A 100% of the credit for the décor has to be given to the design firm – Studio Eight Twenty-Three. We had 2 meetings with them where we explained our requirements and what they came up with was just phenomenal. We were blown away. They created a product display space without having obvious display areas. If we could use them for every one of our stores going forward, we would. The entire Flea Bazaar Café has been designed by them and you have to see it to believe it, It gives you a feeling of never wanting to leave while not being overtly casual.

TP24: What can customers expect from the store as compared to the online store?
AS: The store has a mix of our favourites from the online store as well as some store exclusives. Given the fact that the store is within a café, we’ve made sure most of the products are easy buys and not large and heavy to lug around for the rest of the evening. We’ve also made sure we have something in each category. Most of the people who walk in, leave with a carry bag which is a great sign for us.

TP24: Tell us a bit about the launch party.
AS: The launch party was on a Tuesday and we still had about 500 people. The guest list was a mix of family, friends, ex-colleagues, people we have collaborated with and of course some of our Bombay customers. It was a really fun night with great retro music and lots of dancing. The reaction to our store interior and collection was overwhelming and we continued to celebrate that for the next few days too.

There you have it, some of the finer details from the new Bombay store launch. There are many more milestones for PropShop24, and with the success of this store and our website, we hope to continue to grow in the future. So, keep tuning in to our socials for all the exciting news, you never know, we might be opening in a city near you!