The bohemian life, what exactly does that entail? Whimsical, free-spirited, laid back and a little touch of hippie – words we can swear by when it comes to accessorizing. Adding soft bohemian touches to the home and your personal style can give you oodles of that warm, fun appeal. That’s what we’re aiming for with this product list. Chic decor and accessories that pack a huge bohemian punch.

1. DIY Time

Have a little fun on the weekend making this quirky print, mini, paper suitcase. You could use it on your desk as a visiting card holder or you could buy a few and use them as party favours. It has definitely got that bohemian vibe with its colourful peacock print – sure to uplift any desk or mantle.

DIY Mini Suitcase
Rs. 149


2. Not So Baesic

Laptop sleeves are all about personality, so why not let your inner bohemian child shine with this floral laptop sleeve. There’s nothing about you that’s basic, so let your your tech accessories reflect that. Rock up to work or a cafe with this in hand and we’re sure you’re going to feel like a boss lady.

Laptop Sleeve
Rs. 1190


3. Scented Accents

There is something inviting about walking into a room with a pleasant perfumed aroma in the air. It almost sets the tone of the whole house in many ways, that’s why we love a good scented candle. This one in a tin floral can is idyllic as it really ties in with that shabby-chic bohemian flair we’re after.

Oriental Candle Tin
Rs. 350


4. Dreamcatcher Wall

When it comes to dreamcatchers we think having a few assorted ones hanging on a wall makes for a head-turning piece of wall art. It’s also a great selfie wall, where all your friends can take pictures and up their Instagram game. If however, you want just one, we suggest going with this white and blue one that’s whimsical and fits in with most colour schemes.

Blue Dreamcatcher
Rs. 900


5. Feather Fun

What’s more bohemian than a few feather motif products? Our list wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful art frame that embodies the bohemian spirit. This art-print works well in a bedroom setting, somewhere you can see it often so you can try to – ‘stay wild and free.’

Art Frame – Stay Wild And Free
Rs. 450


6. Write It Down

The best way to release all the work/school stress is to vent it out in a journal. It’s a great exercise to really put into words how you feel. You’ll be surprised, but as soon as you do that, the things that irritated or worried you tend to look insignificant. Plus, with a book this joyous, you’ll be gearing to journal about everything, whether it’s about life’s stresses or life’s successes.

Boho Notebook
Rs. 290


7. Directions Please!

Here’s a thought, instead of just your name on the front door, why not have this uber positive wall art pointing to your main door. Let everyone know what an oasis of calm and peace you’ve created. Walking past this sign and through your door, we’re sure your guests will feel energized immediately. Talk about #goodvibesonly!

Words Wall Frame
Rs. 1199


8. Statement Light

This romantic diamond shaped lantern is just what your balcony or backyard needs. Put a large vanilla scented candle in it and the flame reflects off the glass panes creating a dreamy feel. You could also put fairy lights in it and make it a statement piece. Either way, this one is a must-have.

Diamond Lantern
Rs 2950


9. Pink Love

What’s not to adore about a pair of pink Gandhi sunglasses. While they may not go with every outfit, they surely will give you that 70s hippie/boho vibe you love. Wear them with high-waist, wide-leg trousers that are so on trend right now, to really up that boho style.

Ventura Sunnies Pink
Rs. 1200


10. Elephants On Our Mind

This elephant batik-print and leather bag is your ideal companion for those first dates. Large enough to fit your essentials plus it will go with all your boho outfits. Now we just hope your date is as cute as this bag!

Boho Elephant Bag
Rs. 1300



No matter the season, the bohemian trend never quite goes out of style. Every year there are newer products that are inspired by this carefree lifestyle. We hope these products will help you on your journey to becoming a boho at heart. Till next time…

Happy Propping!



Feature Image Courtesy Fashion Adventures At Any Age