All these birthdays got your budget stretched thin? Well, lucky for you we have some amazing gift ideas that won’t hurt the pocket.

The perfect gift comes in all sizes and prices, so don’t fret, we got you! Our list of birthday gifts are all under Rs. 500, but big on quality and value. Personalise it with a handwritten note and this budget-friendly gift becomes meaningful too!

1. Spa Lovers

For all those friends who are always heading to the spa on an off day, this one is for them. A set of fun bath sponges that will liven up any bathroom and give them an at home spa experience.

Bath Sponge Set of 2
Rs. 280


2. Hit The Gym

Alright, your gym buff friends are probably going to get a huge kick with this gift. They can fill it with water, a green juice, smoothies or even their protein shake!

Dumbbell Bottle
Rs. 425


3. Binge Watch In These

Finally a pair of comfy socks to give to your crush. Not only does it drop a major hint, but your crush is going to be really comfy wearing these while binging on their latest tv fix – with or without you!

Netflix And Chill Socks
Rs. 399


4. For The Ultimate Planning Addicts

When it comes to the friends who always plan ahead and have their goals in check – you can’t go wrong with this ultimate weekly planner. Props for its millennial pink colour!

Weekly Planner
Rs. 400


5. Keep Them Busy

DIY is not for everyone, however some creative souls love a good weekend tackling a craft project. Sounds like someone you know – then they will love this DIY hot air balloon lamp.

DIY Hot Air Balloon Lamp
Rs. 499


6. Magnet Magic

These erasable magnets are a great gift for those friends who always forget plans or to keep their wine cabinet stocked. They are also ideal for colleagues who love to write down inspirational quotes.

Erasable Magnets
Rs. 390


7. Glitter Fix

Got a friend who is absolutely ga-ga for glitter? Look no further than this super glittery key fob. They are customisable, making it all the more meaningful.

Personalised Key Chain
Rs. 300


8. Smother With Smoothies

We all have that one friend who always makes an effort to bring a fabulous new smoothie to the office every morning. Why not give them a cute travel tumbler to bring their creations in?

Macaron Tumbler
Rs. 499


9. Eco Enthusiasts

Let’s all contribute towards eradicating plastic bags. Your fashion and eco-friendly friends would much rather carry this tote to the grocery store than a silly plastic bag.

Cardio Tote Bag
Rs. 300


10. Beauty In A Bottle

Your girlfriends will love getting this bottle of goodness for their birthday. It’s an all-natural scrub that is perfect for skin that cannot handle harsh chemicals. Happy skin – Happy bestie.

Body Scrub
Rs. 490


Now that you’ve got a list of amazing gifts for all your friend’s birthdays, there is just one thing to do – eat birthday cake!

Did we make your birthday gifting experience easier? If we did, give us a shout out.

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