It’s hard to pinpoint why many people have this fascination with star signs. Could it be the allure of wanting to know the future or is it simply to find out if we’re compatible with our significant other? What we do know is that the personality traits of star signs can tell us a lot about a person. It may not be the definitive description of someone’s raison d’etre, but sometimes these traits can be quite accurate.

So let’s look to the stars to help pick out the perfect beauty product for each lovely star sign.


Virgos are known to be highly critical, high strung and analytical. Vouch for this if you’ve got a Virgo friend and you’ve told them to relax and take a chill. That’s why they need beauty products with calming ylang-ylang. This body butter uses calming Ylang Ylang and Lavender essential oils to gently relieve stress. Plus is contains Kokum butter that moisturises, regenerates skin cells and restores flexibility due to its high vitamin E content.

Lavender And Ylang-Ylang Body Butter
Rs. 600



Super practical and logical, these earth sign guys love a good routine, which can sometimes put them in a rut. They need to break away from the norm with some earthy musk beauty products. This soap bar is enriched with sandalwood, to soothe and brighten skin; and wild musk that helps to cleanse skin gently.

Wild Musk And Sandalwood Soap
Rs 250



These guys are leaders and dynamos. They’re always on the ball and never miss a beat, which often means they have a lot of responsibility put on them. They need to take the pressure off with some refreshing peppermint beauty products like this body butter that also contains clarifying tea tree, which helps to clear acne.

Peppermint And Tea Tree Body Butter
Rs. 600



Watch out for your Cancer star sign friends as they can sometimes be unpredictable and moody. They wake up with one mood but can go to bed in a completely different one, they need something to calm those mood swings. Lavender does just that. This fabulous body lotion with Madagascar vanilla, lavender and white truffle helps to open pores and clarify skin with gluconic acid which evens skin tone and lightens the appearance of scars and age spots.

Madagascar Vanilla, Lavender And White Truffle Body Lotion
Rs. 2999



If you know someone that is dominant and powerful, chances are that they are a Leo. Their personality can sometimes be a bit overpowering and they need to reign that personality in with soothing rosemary. A little of this 100% cold-pressed rosemary essential oil can be put in regular lotions, hand creams or even hair oils, to get that soothing effect

Rosemary Essential Oil
Rs. 589



Superbly quick-witted and multidimensional, these guys can often get stressed because their minds are working overtime. Relieve this stress with beauty products that contain calming Bergamot. This bathing bar has zesty orange and bergamot sourced from Italy, perfect to help our Gemini friends.

Bergamot And Orange Bathing Bar
Rs. 250



The most talked about star sign in the zodiac, known for their intense and passionate personality. They are the ones that can sometimes get a bit hot-tempered when provoked. Beauty products with soothing patchouli can help to calm those heated Scorpio stings. Apart from the dreamy aroma, this conditioner is said to give strength and add shine due to the sweet almond and patchouli oil.

Patchouli And Sweet Almond Conditioner
Rs. 1350



Who doesn’t want to hang with these fun-loving and adventurous Saggies? They love to explore which can sometimes make them a bit restless since they have this innate need to wander. The refreshing aroma of tea tree oil helps to curb that restless feeling. This tea tree African black soap is made with cocoa pod ash, wild honey and organic shea butter – which wild spirited Sagittarius wouldn’t appreciate that?

Tea Tree African Black Soap
Rs. 900



Pieces people are known to be dreamers, procrastinators and all together easy going. Their heads can be up in the clouds, which is why they need some sharp citrus to snap them out of it and focus. Using a few drops of this citrus body nectar oil after a shower can awaken the senses and also luxuriously moisturise the skin.

Body Nectar Oil – Citrus
Rs. 400



These guys are super grounded, humble and ambitious. They are in their element when they’ve figured out their path in life and know where they are headed. Beauty products with sandalwood offer them stability and a sense of being connected. This sandalwood and Kashmiri saffron not only enhances your complexion, but it has the added bonus of being sulphate and paraben free.

Sandalwood And Saffron Bathing Bar
Rs. 350



Friendly and progressive, these big thinkers are always bursting with ideas. They need to surround themselves with lemon scented beauty products, as this aroma helps to keep the mind alert. What better way to do that, than using this lemon deodorant cream. It’s all natural and uses the power of clay and real silver to absorb sweat. The lemon cypress and Japanese mint keep you feeling cool and reduces the feeling of itchy skin.

Lemon Cypress And Japanese Mint Deodorant
Rs 342



Whether or not these beauty products match with your personality is irrelevant when it comes to how amazing they smell and just how good they are to use. Do you like a particular star sign’s beauty product? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Propping!


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