Love it or hate it, the MONSOONS are here, and instead of moaning about it, why not do something to take your mind off it – that’s right, we’re talking about retail therapy. In particular, shopping for your home, so that your inside space is cheerful and bright to beat those monsoon blues on the outside.

1. Move Over Pinterest

The great thing about having a pinboard in the house is that you get to tack on just about anything on there. You’re favourite quotes, the number from the guy you just met, or even some holiday photos to cheer you up every time you look at it. A must-have for any house.

Pin Board Frame
Rs. 2500


2. Coffee Time Bliss

Nothing compares to that feeling of a great cup of coffee and some classic Marie biscuits, especially while it’s pouring buckets outside. This two-in-one mug is perfect for those coffee time moments.

Coffee Break Mug
Rs. 499


3. Need Milk!

These phone-shaped mini whiteboards are reusable and super cute for your kitchen. There is no excuse to ever forget to pick up some milk when you have these stuck to your fridge.

Phone Shape Magnetic Fridge Memo Pad
Rs. 359


4. Skyline Brights

Mirror the view outside, with a lovely skyline hook rack. Perfect for raincoats and umbrellas, so you never leave the house without them.

Skyline Hook Rack
Rs. 800


5. Furry Comfort

When Thor has ripped a hole in the sky, there is nothing better than snuggling on your sofa with some furry cushions, a soft blanket and settling in for some Netflix. Ahh, bliss.

Faux-Fur Pink Cushion
Rs. 1249


6. These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

Store all your kid’s soft toys, or use these as laundry hampers for your delicate items – whichever the scenario, the bright stripe print is a sure pick-me-up against gloomy grey skies.

Favourite Things Storage
Rs. 699


7. Mood Lighting

Some dark gloomy days deserve equally melodramatic lighting. Case and point, these gorgeous hanging bottle lamps. The tea candles offer just enough sparkle to uplift the mood.

Hanging Bottle Lamps
Rs. 599


8. A Monsoon Romance

Up your home’s ambience with this fabulous geometric candle stand that can set the tone for a romantic night in. Plus, it’ll help when the powder eventually cuts out in a storm. Either way, we’re sure it’ll brighten up dark rainy nights.

Square Candle Stand
Rs. 750


9. Warm Soup

French onion, seafood chowder, creamy mushroom or even classic tomato soup – a heaping bowl of goodness warms up the bones on a stormy night. For those nights, this 3-piece set will come in handy.

3 Piece Soup Set
Rs. 580


10. Cheat Day

Rainy day = cheat day! Alright, you can’t have a plate of french fries everyday and hope to stick to your fitness goals. However for those monsoon cravings, this a potato chipper will be your best friend.

Potato Chipper
Rs. 400


Shopping is our number one way to keep our minds off the rainy weather outside. However, a close second is to have hot and salty french fries with a steaming cup of good old chai. Got any better ideas? Let us know in the comments below!