Does it feel like your city is a little less crowded lately? Well, chances are that everyone is on holiday! Yes, it’s summer vacation time and that means one thing – time to hit the BEACH! Purchase those flight tickets or assemble the crew for a road trip to Goa because summer is the best time to plan a beach vacation.

Now that you’ve done that, you’re ready to start shopping for the best beach essentials. We’ve kept in mind everything you could possibly need for this trip. So, there’s just one question…  are you beach ready?

1. Basket Bags

Don’t even think about stepping onto the beach without a beach bag. How else were you going to store all your knick-knacks? Well, all your beach bag essentials can go into this on-trend tassel straw basket bag. Besides its obvious utility, it’ll go perfectly with all those cute summer vacay outfits and jewellery.

Straw Basket Tote
Rs. 2500


2. Cover Up

Talking about cute outfits, this one is stylish, flirty and convenient! This wrap dress can be worn over your bikini, plus, it can be used as a towel to dry off. It’s lightweight, dries quickly and folds up to store into your tote bag. The perfect beach cover-up.

Beach Wrap Dress
Rs. 599


3. Sand Snack

Is there anything cuter than this burger beach towel? It’s quirky and comes in handy when you want to have an impromptu picnic or sunbathing session on the beach. This beach towel is absorbent and large enough for you to be sprawled out whilst taking in the sun’s rays!

Burger Beach Towel
Rs. 1295


4. Hair Cover

Don’t let that fresh blowdry get ruined by the salty and humid beach breeze. Wrap your hair in a chic scarf to protect it from being frizzy and getting damaged from sun exposure. It comes in different prints, but we personally like the equestrian print as it also looks chic when tied to the handles of tote bags.

Printed Satin Scarf
Rs. 499


5. Hat Lady

Another classic beach essential – the big straw hat. Obviously, we want you to wear a hat that protects your face from sun damage, but we also want you to look stylish. This hat does all that and more! These ‘quote’ hats are all the rage on Instagram, and we want you to get those likes you’re after – so, go ahead, add to cart!

Happy Place Hat
Rs. 1500


6. No Sun Damage

Finally, a sunscreen that doesn’t feel sticky or leaves a faint white residue that makes you look horribly pasty. This sunscreen goes on clear, is oil-free and has an SPF of 50. It also has wash-off resistance and effectively blocks out IR and blue light rays emitted by digital devices. Wow, this product should definitely be part of your beach bag essentials!

Transparent Sunscreen Spray
Rs. 795


7. Beach Chic

A beach vacation is as good an excuse as any to buy a chic pair of sunglasses. This one has a unique cut glass style that will have all the heads turning on the beach. If this one isn’t quite your speed then take a look at the other Far Left sunglasses – we’re sure you’ll find a pair that’s perfect for your personality.

Far Left Sunglasses – Long Beach
Rs. 850


8. Flawless Skin

While there is nothing better than being confident in and with your skin, sometimes a little coverage along with sun protection doesn’t’ hurt. This product is a BB and CC cream which has SPF 30, therefore, making you look like you have beach-ready skin all the time!

Protective Radiance Cream
Rs. 799


9. Water Break

All those beach festivities might make you forget one vital thing – to drink water. Being on the beach all day can lead to dehydration, so, make sure you carry your own water bottle. Not only will you be hydrated, but you’ll also be preventing the need to buy disposable plastic water bottles that are littering our beaches and oceans! Plus aren’t these Flamingo bottles just the cutest!?

Flamingo Bottle
Rs. 499


10. Beach Makeup

Makeup, toiletries, jewellery or even your wallet, store all these things in this adorable Mermaid makeup pouch. It’s large enough to carry everything you need, and it’ll fit into any beach or tote bag. Plus, even though you’re on the beach, you know you’re going to be touching up your makeup look!

Mermaid Makeup Pouch
Rs. 549



All this talk about a vacation has got us in the mood for a road trip to the beach! Are you feeling us on this? Well, maybe we’ll see you there, but until then why not check out all the vacation essentials that are available on PropShop24. Whatever you’re looking for, we’re sure you’ll find it.

Happy Propping!

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