Oh hello unicorn lovers, we meet again! This isn’t the first blog we’ve done on our love for these mythical beasts. However, since that last blog, we’ve added newer and more magical unicorn products to the PropShop24 roster. After all, World Unicorn day is on the 9th of April, and we wanted to give you the opportunity to buy all these lovely unicorn goodies in advance!

Let’s not waste any more time and dive right into this unicorn-verse.

1. Uni-coins

Every rupee counts when you’re saving up for a special vacation, a handbag or a piece of sparkly jewellery. We like to think that this unicorn bank has magical powers and can triple your savings! Why not give it a try?

Unicorn Bank
Rs. 1500

unicorn piggybankSHOP NOW

2. Unicorn Power

Apart from being magical, unicorns also have the power to juice up your phones! Well, this one does – this personalised unicorn power bank has the ability to power up 3 devices at one time. Plus with your initials on it, everyone will know just how big a unicorn lover you are.

Personalised Unicorn Power Bank
Rs. 1950

unicorn powerbankSHOP NOW

3. Unicorn Pens

Why on earth would a pen have a light? Let us explain. This unicorn pen has two main functions, the obvious one is for writing. However, the second function is mainly for helping you find things in those large handbags. The LED light is bright enough to find those keys or lip balms that somehow always land up hidden in the depths of your handbags!

Unicorn Pen With Light
Rs. 190

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4. Unicorn Cookies!

If you’re crushing on all those sugar-cookie decorating tutorials on YouTube, then it’s only fair that you give them a try. This unicorn cookie cutter is the first step to helping you with those baking goals. Whether you manage to decorate the cookies is another story, but at least they’ll look like unicorns.

Unicorn Cookie Cutter
Rs. 259

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5. Unicorn Glow

You know your bedroom is screaming out for some much-needed unicorn decor. Why not give it some in the form of this jazzy unicorn marquee light? Just think how lovely it’ll look sitting on your bedside table, full of light and magic!

Unicorn Marquee Light
Rs. 1295


6. Unicorn Jewellery

There is absolutely nothing we dislike about this origami unicorn necklace. It’s modern, statement-making and will go with all those first date outfits. If you’re big on quirky jewellery and have an infatuation with unicorns, there could be no better product than this unicorn necklace.

Unicorn Necklace – Gold
Rs. 499

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7. Unicorn Journal

A lot of successful business people say that writing down your resolutions or goals makes them happen faster. With that logic, shouldn’t writing down your goals in a magical unicorn journal, help them manifest at lightspeed? Here’s hoping!

Unicorn Book And Pen Set
Rs. 500

Unicorn Book Pen setSHOP NOW

8. Unicorn Slippers

Your unicorn collection isn’t complete without these iconic unicorn plush lounge slippers. They’re just as comfy as they look and they’re just as uplifting too. Cheerful to look at and super cute, these slippers are a must-have.

Unicorn Plush Lounge Slippers
Rs. 1999

Unicorn SlippersSHOP NOW

9. Unicorn Cup

Alright, it’s time for some real magic! The mane on this unicorn turns into rainbow colours when you fill the cup up with your favourite hot beverage. We don’t know how these unicorns do it, but we’re living for it!

Magical Unicorn Colour Changing Cup
Rs. 1000

Unicorn CupSHOP NOW

10. Unicorn Paper Clips

Love quirky stationery? Then you’ve come to the right place. These rose gold unicorn paper clips are whispering “add to cart” and we just can’t resist! They’ll liven up any boring or official document, that’s for sure.

Rose Gold Unicorn Paper Clips – Set Of 8
Rs. 475

Unicorn paper clipsSHOP NOW

There is something about unicorns that just uplift the spirit and make you feel like you have rainbows and butterflies in the tummy. Maybe they exist, maybe they’re make-believe, that’s not what we’re preaching today. So, if you love unicorns, it’s time to get shopping!

Happy Propping!


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