We’ve been smitten by those posts that you see while scrolling through FB. You know the ones we’re talking about – the articles that tell you about the rituals all successful people do when they wake up. Well, those articles aside, for some of us, getting up early is a daunting task and for others getting up early plus being productive is a whole different ball game.

We thought we’d take a crack at it and put our PropShop24 spin on it. After a bit of research and going down a rabbit hole of the best morning ritual practices, we’ve got seven tips that we feel are easy to do and would hopefully turn us into functional early morning risers.

Let’s begin!

1. The 10 Min Rule

Instead of setting the alarm at the crack of dawn, which is ambitious but almost always fails – set your current alarm 10 minutes earlier. Do this each day till you reach your desired wake-up call. This doesn’t disrupt your body clock and helps it to adapt slowly.
Hot tip: Get yourself a great alarm clock that plays your favourite music so you wake up in a good mood!

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2. Make Your Own Breakfast

A lot of people sleep in and skip the really fun stuff that you can do in the morning, like eating a great breakfast. Making your own breakfast in the morning gives your mind a task it has to wake up for. Plus, eating breakfast will sustain you till lunch, keeping you energised rather than just running out the door with a cup of coffee that eventually leads to a caffeine crash.
Hot Tip: Swap your coffee for teas that have less caffeine and avoid those withdrawal symptoms that lead to feeling fatigued.

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3. Quick Sweat

Now, this next point won’t go down like honey and that’s because it’s about exercise. We’re not talking about getting to the gym early, although that would be ideal. However, if that’s too extreme, then just getting in a few Yoga poses or doing a quick walk/jog in your building will help to get the blood flowing and those endorphins going – this automatically makes you feel better. Plus, it will smash some lbs all while establishing a productive morning routine.
Hot Tip: Remember to keep hydrated if you’re putting in a cardio sesh, always have water handy.

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4. Plan Your Day

Coming up with a routine of things you like to do in a day, will have you waking up in anticipation and knowing just what you have to do. Don’t just schedule work and chores, but also pencil in things like meeting the BAE or playing with the cat. Adding fun activities that you look forward to will establish a routine that you enjoy. This will be incentive enough to skip that snooze button in the morning.
Hot Tip: Get a fun guided-planner like this one with stickers and worksheets that make planning your routine really work for you.

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5. Soft Lighting

Let’s be honest,  the earlier you go to bed, the earlier you will rise. Your body is used to a certain number of hours of sleep, so if you sleep earlier you will wake up after your body has gotten its full rest. This means having a calming night time regime. Make your bedroom an oasis of calm with some soft lighting that sets the mood for sleepy time.
Hot Tip: It’s always better to have a nightlight that is decorative, so it is functional as well as stylish!

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6. Pump It Up

A great way to feel kicked for the day when your eyelids are still drooping is playing your favourite tunes. Make a playlist of some upbeat morning music, even throw in some songs that will get you grooving and singing! Music has a funny way of making things better, so why not start your day with it?
Hot Tip: Get a portable speaker so you can hear your music wherever you are, even if you’re in the shower!

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7. Turn It Off!

If you want to blame something for you not being a morning person then look no further than your devices. We get so hooked on to our phones, that it not only keeps us awake but also doesn’t allow the brain to unwind. In order to sleep on time, our brains need a timeout which means putting away the plethora of devices at hand. Instead get yourself a nice book that will allow your mind to switch into slow gear.
Hot Tip: Get a light, easy-to-read book that can transport you off to dreamland and don’t forget to use a bookmark to mark your progress each night.

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Show of hands, how many of you will actually do a few (or all) of these seven tips. Personally, we love the idea of waking up earlier each day by 10 mins. More importantly, the biggest take away from this article is to switch those devices off at night. Let’s bring back the habit of reading and getting lost in a book!


Feature Image Courtesy Parade.com