Social Media PDA has become quite a thing now!  But there’s still an invincible charm in gifting something to your better half. Maybe because you just completed a milestone year with your partner or just because you feel blessed to have ‘em in your life. Gifting something treasurable and worthful of memories to your beau doesn’t need reasons.

Feel like showing a little love to your darling? Check a few of our favorite couple picks!

Coffee Mugs – Mr. and Mrs. Always Right
Rs. 390/- (per piece)
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Quite a fair piece of appreciation for your better half!

Frame – Gold Baby
Rs. 550/-
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You know you’ve found the best. Say it out in a cute gesture!

Magnet/ Badge – Thank You For Being A Weirdo
Rs. 200/-
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Unisex badges to twin, because twinning is never not cute!

Greeting card – Psychotic
Rs. 200/-
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A little bit possessiveness and drama is good for health! Write a cheesy note to your boo in this cute but psychotic card.

Bookmark – Heart
Rs. 450/-
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Love kindles within pages too! This is a perfect nerdy gift for a geeky couple!

Still finding reasons to gift him?

We’ve got more! Browse through a variety of stationery, accessories, bags, eye wear here!

Featured Image Courtesy – Design Overdose