It’s World Environment day today – a day where ideally one should practice being kind to our environment and planet Earth. Why limit this behaviour to just one day? At the PropShop24 office, we practise being eco-friendly every day. We pride ourselves on being environmentally conscientious. Which is why we wanted to share with you our list of top 10 eco-friendly gifts options that are perfect for any occasion.

These environmentally friendly gifts are not just great for friends and family. If you’re trying to be more eco-conscious then why not get some of these products for yourself too!? Let’s take a look at these eco-friendly gift ideas.

1. Travel Companion

If there is one thing you must invest in, it’s some steel straws. Carry them in your handbag and use them whenever you want, to get yourself a drink on the go. It’s especially handy when you’re travelling to tropical locations and want to enjoy sipping on coconut water. Many street vendors still use plastic straws – carrying your own straw is not only hygienic, but you won’t be participating in the consumption of plastic straws, that affect marine life.

Steel Straws – Pack Of 4 With Brush
Rs. 299


2. Recycle Materials

This artsy frame is another great, environmentally friendly gift. It’s made using recycled materials like old magazines and newspapers. Not only is it a pretty piece for your home to showcase your photo-memories, but it’s also a testament that recycled products can look chic too.

Recycled Photo Frame
Rs. 1190


3. Bottle Planters

If not recycled properly, glass bottles don’t end up at their original bottling factory – making them redundant and adding to the growing garbage disposal issue. Thankfully, upcycling products is a huge trend, and we are here for it! This gorgeous planter is the perfect gift for the environmentally conscious and eclectic souls out there.

Hanging Glass Bottle Planter
Rs. 449


4. Dinnerware

It may not be common knowledge to all, but a large majority of dinnerware is made from ‘Bone China.’ That’s right, it’s made up of crushed animal bones. If you’re vegan or eco-conscious, this is a troubling predicament. Thankfully, there are more eco-friendly options available – like these dinner plates. They are made from sustainably sourced bamboo fibre and are washable and stain proof. Perfect!

Bamboo Fibre Dinner Plates Set Of 6
Rs 2888


5. Beat Plastic

Do we really need to make the argument as to why you should switch from plastic bags to canvas? In case you haven’t made the switch yet and are looking for a canvas bag that sends a message – we have just the right one! We adore this ‘Beat Plastic’ canvas bag. Take it with you to a marketplace where plastic bags are still being used – so that others can read/get the message too!

Beat Plastic Canvas Bag
Rs. 399


6. Smile Please

Ever wonder where your plastic toothbrushes end up? That’s right, even something as unassuming as a toothbrush contributes to the growing plastic/garbage disposal issue. Do your bit and switch to something natural like this bamboo wood toothbrush. Unfortunately, the bristles are non-biodegradable – however, at least the wood part of the brush will degrade over time, unlike the generic brushes out there.

Bamboo Toothbrush
Rs. 175


7. No More Plastic Bottles!

Had enough of single-use plastic water bottles? We have too. Here is the next best thing – these clear borosilicate glass bottles. This type of glass is known to be 100% BPA free, environmentally friendly and durable. This bottle is an easy substitute for the single-use plastic bottles – so, make the switch today.

Portable Glass Water Bottle
Rs. 650


8. Candle Calm

Did you know that candles use animal products? What do you think beeswax is? Well, if you want to leave the bees alone, but still want your room to smell delectable and be bathed in candlelight – then you’ll love this eco-friendly gift option. These vegan candles are made from vegetable wax and natural essences that are non-toxic. Time to switch up your candles!

Vegan Candle – Neroli And Basil
Rs. 606


9. Say Yes To Faux Leather

The horrors of the leather industry are reason enough to give up leather. Additionally, when there is a viable alternative, that’s guilt-free, then why not opt for that instead? This faux leather bag is stylish, durable and will do everything a regular leather laptop sleeve would do – without the moral guilt. Now, that’s an eco-friendly gift option we can get behind.

Faux Leather Laptop Sleeve
Rs. 750


10. Wine Lovers!

Our ‘environmentally friendly gifts’ list would not be complete without something for wine lovers. These glass tumblers have been upcycled from old wine bottles. We bet you’re thinking, you could easily do this over a weekend, when you’ve collected half a dozen bottles. However, these are made using the most eco-friendly techniques as well. Cutting glass is not as easy as you imagine!

Wine Bottle Glass Tumblers
Rs. 880


Happy Environment day! We hope you celebrate by purchasing some (or all) of these fantastic eco-friendly gifts. We stock many more environmentally friendly products, so do head to the PropShop24 website to browse. Keep doing your part as a conscious citizen and make environment day, every day!

Happy Eco-Propping!


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