There are a couple of long weekends this year, and that means more opportunities to take a road trip! A road trip with friends is one of those activities that never gets old. The thrill of hitting the open road, listening to some tunes and chatting till the wee hours is what movies and memories are made of.

Road trips are definitely something you need to prepare and plan for ahead of time. Your car becomes your home when travelling, which means you will need to carry some things – just what are those 10 things to bring on your next road trip? We thought you’d never ask!

Good thing we’ve curated this list for you. Check them out!

1. Keep Dry

A portable towel is a must-have when it comes to road trips, there is no excuse for bad hygiene! Whether you stop at a motel or a dhaba to freshen up, a quick-dry towel will come in handy. This one has silver ion technology that makes it durable and absorbent. It’s 70 cms by 120 cms in size which is large enough for any use but still convenient because it folds down to the size of your hand.

Portable Towel With Case
Rs. 749


2. Rest Up

Every road trip needs a co-driver, someone who takes over from the driver every few hours so that they can catch some rest. This is essential, especially when the journey is long and tedious. Having a good foam neck pillow can help with getting a good rest while the co-driver is on duty and vice versa. We like this custom neck pillow, get one for you and your co-driver as a way to remember the trip and get some rest.

Personalised Foam Neck Pillow
Rs. 1650


3. Travel Kit

Just because you packed away your cosmetics and bath time essentials doesn’t mean you have to unpack every time you stop to freshen up. Carry this travel kit that comes with containers to carry your shampoo, conditioner, lotions and other liquid cosmetics. It’s small enough to put into the glove compartment and convenient for every time you need to get road ready.

Portable Cosmetic Kit
Rs. 299


4. Multi-Purpose Mat

Why is a portable mat on this ‘10 things to bring on your road trip’ list? Well, this mat can be used for many things such as a picnic cloth, a beach mat or to cover your seats while grabbing a bite to eat – no stains on seats! There are many things you can use it for, plus, it folds up into this convenient pocket-size cover, making it easy to pack into your bags or car.

Portable Mat
Rs. 549


5. Soap Petals

Carrying around a bar of soap can get messy, and you often don’t need a whole bar for the trip. Instead, carry these tubes of soap petals. Use as many as you need and store the rest. It’s easy to carry in your toiletries case and can be used for hands, face and body.

Soap Petals – Pack Of 2
Rs. 199


6. Piggy To The Rescue

Travelling with kids? This product fits on the back of the car seat and opens up into a tray that you can eat off of and store beverages while on the go. Similar to the food trays on planes but with a kiddy twist in the shape of a pig – your kids will love it.

Pig Car Tray
Rs. 649


7. Power Up

The person using the GPS might have a monopoly over the car charger, in those times you need your personal power bank to juice up your phone. This 14000 mAh power bank is all you’ll need for your trip. Customise it with your name, so you’re the only one who has the monopoly over it!

Personalised Power Bank
Rs. 1950


8. Snack Time!

Alright, nothing really beats eating chips on a road trip, but if you’re trying to be healthy, granola bars are the next best thing. These crunchy snacks will keep you satiated and full till you reach a nice roadside dhaba where you can devour the food.

Granola Bars – Pack Of 3
Rs. 230


9. Pen It Down

Document your road trip and all the memories in your very own travel notebook. Whether you write down details or sketch the places you’ve visited, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this exercise. Plus, after a few years has passed, you can relive the trip through your own words.

Travel Notebook
Rs. 150


10. Cables, Cables, Cables!

Chargers, aux cables, GPS chords – all these cables tend to clutter your car – which is highly irritating when you want to switch gears and drive easy. That’s why you need a cable pouch to store away your unused cables so that they don’t get in your way. Plus, this pouch is easy to store in your glove box, and you can take it to your hotel when you need the same cables and chargers.

Cable Pouch
Rs. 1500



Well, there you have it – 10 things to bring on your next road trip. We’re sure all these things will come in use at some point or another on your next road trip. If you’re heading somewhere and using any of these, make sure to take pics and tag us on your socials – we love to see our PropShop24 products pop up!

Happy travels and propping!


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