Summer is here, which means just one thing – vacay time! Yes, as soon as the temperature hits the unreasonable, all we can think about is sipping margaritas near the pool. Or better yet, jet setting off to a beautiful tropical paradise. You feel us right?

Once you’ve booked your tickets, your hotels and tackled your visa the fun begins – packing for your trip! We have taken into consideration all your needs and compiled a list of some of our favourite items to take on a vacation.

1. Need My Sunnies

There is no way you can leave the house without a pair of killer sunglasses. These Alice Sunnies will definitely up your style quotient. Plus, it works as a handy mirror for when you need to touch up your makeup on the fly.

Sunnies Alice Vintage Silver
Rs. 1500


2. Beach Ready

A beach bag should always have a towel, however they can be bulky and take time to dry. Unless of course you have this cute portable towel. It is absorbent and made with Silver Ion Technology which makes it super durable too.

Super Portable Towel
Rs. 749


3. Sunnies Need Protection Too

Keep your sunglasses protected from scratches and the elements with this uber chic House of Masaba sunglass case. It’ll make a statement wherever you go.

House Of Masaba Sunglass Case – Cow Print
Rs. 699


4. Keep Away Bacteria

Leaving a toothbrush exposed in your toiletries bag can expose it to various bacteria that you don’t want to clean your teeth with. Your toothbrush must be carried in a case when you’re travelling. Also, these cases are super lightweight and easy to clean.

Travel Toothbrush Case
Rs. 200


5. Keep It Flawless

The key to Instagram worthy selfies – makeup of course! Carry all your beauty must-haves in this super neat makeup pouch. It is large enough to carry your makeup and brushes, so you’ll never have a bad face day while on holiday.

Makeup Pouch – Blending Is My Cardio
Rs. 700


6. Fancy Footwear!

Many girls out there will swear that they plan their wardrobe by their footwear. Which is why these bags that protect your shoes from dust, dirt and grime are an essential to vacation packing. They also come in handy when you want to store them in your wardrobe at home.

Shoe Bags For Her – Set of 3
Rs. 400



7. Take Your Music With You

A neck pillow is a must when travelling, airline seats can be uncomfortable especially when you need to catch up on some sleep. This one is a little different as you can put your music player in it and listen to some tunes while you snooze.

Neck Pillow With Music Player
Rs. 899



8. Turn It Up!

Whether you’re chilling on the beach or setting up a campfire – music makes it all better. Which is why a portable speaker is an essential, this one covered in fabric is as stylish as it is powerful.

Fabric Speaker
Rs. 1499


9. Carry Your Delicates In Style

Nothing worse than expensive lingerie getting squashed in your baggage. Protect your delicates with this nifty lingerie pouch that retains the shape and integrity of your favourite items.

Lingerie Travel Pouch
Rs. 200



10. Journaling!

The best way to really recount those travel memories is by keeping a journal. Carry a notebook with you on your travels – pen a quirky saying you overheard, scribble a doodle or write down something that was really touching. In a few years when you read it back, the memories will feel alive again.

Van Diaries – Let’s Be Adventurers
Rs. 350


11. Daydreaming Of Donuts

Vacations can be tiring and when sleep calls most of us don’t want to be disturbed. Therefore, you’ll need this eye mask when for when you’re ready to head back to the mainland and want a good rest.

Donut Eye Mask
Rs. 250


12. Be Unique

Nothing screams seasoned traveller than a passport full of stamps and a personalised cover to match. This one is quaint and comes with your name embossed. Plus, it is easy to find in your travel bag when you need to flash it at the authorities.

Personalised Passport Cover
Rs. 699


13. Take Me To The Beach

Every bikini loving girl will undoubtedly have their favorite beach tote that is large enough to fit her whole world in it. If you don’t, you should start with this one, it’s light weight and easy to stuff a bunch of extra bikinis – just in case!

Beaches Tote Bag
Rs. 400


With the list now complete, remember to keep ample space for all the curios, trinkets and your shopping. Our tip is to always travel light, as you never know what treasure you’ll find on your vacation. If you’ve got one of the items above, make sure to tag us in your travel photos, we’d love to see which corners of the world our products reach!

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