Don’t let the title of this article mislead you, it’s not just about products that are inspired by strong female role models. It is rather, an homage to the women on this list that inspire us on a daily basis. The products associated with their personality are a reminder to be your best self and embody the characteristics of these bold women.

1. Go For Gold

Who: Vinesh Phogat. This lovely lady has made India proud by becoming the first Indian woman wrestler to have won a gold medal at the Asia Games.
Product Inspiration: A fitness Journal
Why: Vinesh is a great role model for athletes who give their all to represent their country. To become one of the finest in her category, she put in hours of hard work and planning. While we may not all have aspirations to be a gold medalist – a fitness journal surely can help us normals reach our fitness golds.. Goals.

Fitness Journal
Rs. 545


2. Power Lady

Who: Priyanka Chopra. There is nothing about Ms Chopra that doesn’t inspire us – from her acting career to her goodwill campaigns – she does it all looking flawless.
Product Inspiration: Makeup bag
Why: No matter what Priyanka does, she does it with grace and not a hair or makeup out of place. A nifty makeup bag that you can keep in your tote is super for helping you demolish those life goals all while feeling and looking like a girl boss!

Girl Boss Makeup Bag
Rs. 375


3. The Good Fight

Who: Gloria Steinem. If there is one woman who continuously fights for equality it is Ms Steinem. Her courage and the work she’s put towards women’s rights has helped countless women even till today. Such an inspiration!
Product Inspiration: Quote Frame
Why: What better reminder of Ms Steinem’s work and the equality movement that an uplifting quote about women?

Strong Women Frame
Rs. 1000


4. Not Just The Funny Girl

Who: Mindy Kaling. What’s not to love – she was one of the first few actresses of Indian origin to get lead roles on American TV and write/produce shows. She has a fantastic sense of humour, she champions body positivity and self-love. Plus, her sense of style is always on point.
Product Inspiration: Quirky Sling Bag
Why: If you’ve watched the Mindy Project, and wanted to be just like her character on the series – this sling bag will totally remind you to emanate Dr Lahiri’s bold personality and style.

Floral Sling Bag
Rs. 1500


5. Modern Day Mogul

Who: Rihanna. Everything Ms Fenty does turns to gold from her chart-topping hits to her collaboration with Puma, and let’s not forget her multi-billion dollar makeup brand, Fenty Beauty. She makes everything a success, even the tiny sunglasses phenomenon!
Product Inspiration: Tiny Sunglasses
Why: Us normals may still be trying to get our startups up and running, but in the meantime, we can attempt wearing tiny sunglasses and hope we’re half as successful as RiRi.

Tiny Sunglasses
Rs. 1200


6. The World’s Favourite

Who: Oprah Winfrey. What can be said that hasn’t been said before? She is world-renowned and loved. Her charity work and generosity has touched countless individuals. She’s done it all and overcome it all with such poise, gratitude and dignity.
Product Inspiration: Gratitude Journal
Why: If there is one thing Oprah constantly talks about is having a grateful heart and living a life with gratitude. We couldn’t agree more, let’s start our gratitude journey with a journal that will help us gain more awareness of the blessed things in our lives.

30 Day Gratitude Journal
Rs. 599


7. Colour Me Pink

Who: Sampat Devi. The Gulabi Gang boss lady had the courage and tenacity to fight for women of all classes and economic backgrounds. Giving them a place and the confidence they needed to rebuild their lives.
Product Inspiration: Pink Desk Organiser
Why: Sometimes your office atmosphere needs that gulabi courage and tenacity to get through a tough day. Let this desk organiser be a reminder to push through any work obstacle.

Pink Desk Organiser
Rs. 1100


8. A Poetic Heart

Who: Maya Angelou. Her powerful poetry and public speaking where she bares her life’s stories and lessons are a great indicator that when we use our voice, change can happen. Words do have the power to provoke thought and her poetry surely has.
Product Inspiration: Notebook
Why: A notebook is a great way to store your thoughts, stories and poetry. You could even pen down some of Maya Angelou’s famous quotes as inspiration that sets you up for a positive day.

My Little Notebook
Rs. 350


9. Original Selfie Queen

Who: Frida Kahlo. Her self-portraits and art are just the tip of the Frida Kahlo iceberg. She still inspires a generation of artists and people with her work and her progressive thinking. She lived her life unapologetically in an age that hadn’t seen women in that light before – now that’s bold!
Product Inspiration: Mirror
Why: Frida is most famously known for her self-portraits, which to many was a reflection of her and the times she lived in. Let this gorgeous mirror inspire you to live a bold life, just like Frida.

Wooden Cerulean Table Mirror
Rs. 2790


10. Positive Vibes Only

Who: Lilly Singh a.k.a iiSuperwomanii. She has taken the Youtube world and everyone by storm with her humour and message of positivity. She continues to be her authentic self and preach her #bawse lifestyle which is all about caring for your mental health, being generous, positive, and loving unconditionally.
Product Inspiration: Unicorn Mug
Why: Just like us, Lilly is obsessed with Unicorns. She even has a documentary called A Trip To Unicorn Island. So, why not wake up each morning and drink your favourite hot beverage from a unicorn mug that oozes all that iiSuperwomanii positivity?

3D Unicorn Mug
Rs. 650


Inspiring isn’t it, to read about all the amazing work these women have done. There were so many more roles models we wanted to feature, but we had to stop the list at some point. If your female-spiration isn’t on the list, give us a shout out in the comments and let us know why you love them!


Till next time!



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