Cricket season is in full swing and the 2018 World Cup is just around the corner, making ‘Game Day’ Parties the perfect reason to catch up with friends and support your favourite teams.

A party hosted at home has a great vibe – the comfort of your own sofa, casual attire and if done right can even be budget friendly. Plus you have all the freedom to ball your eyes out if your team doesn’t win!

It can be daunting to even the savviest party hosts to arrange all the knick-knacks for the ultimate Game Day party, which is why we thought we’d help you out. We rounded up our party must-haves so that you can impress your friends on the big Game Day.

1. Drinks All Around

Don’t make a 100 trips to the kitchen to refresh drinks.  Make your ice tea or fruit punch in advance and serve it in this electric blue mason dispenser. Have it sitting on the counter for all to use so that you don’t miss a second of the game.

Mason Dispenser – Blue
Rs. 2000

Image courtesy Kitchen Stuff Plus


2. Can’t Do Without Some Salad

Break up the junk food spread with some much needed freshness. Game Day isn’t complete without a hearty salad. Make it look extra fancy with this colourful salad bowl and serving set.

Salad Bowl With Serving Set – Colour Bar
Rs. 2600


3. Bring Out The Heavy Stuff

Whether you like to celebrate or commiserate your team’s efforts with a good bottle of Whiskey, you need ice that can keep your drink cooler for longer. These ice balls melt slower than the regular, keeping your drink perfectly cool while you talk about the game, post-match.

Sphere Ice Molds – Set of 2
Rs. 649



4. Personal Touches

Impress your best buddies by getting personalised beer mugs. Not only will they be touched by the sentiment, but it’s a lovely way to mark an epic Game Day party. We suggest inscribing your friend’s names and the date of the game, to make it even more special.

Personalised Beer Mug
Rs. 850


5. Who Isn’t  Fondue  Of Sports

Another great party snack is fondue. Get some delectable gooey cheese and a bunch of sides like chips, raw veggies, and some breadsticks – everyone will be happy.

Rainbow Fondue Set
Rs. 650


6. For The Love Of Fries!

Let’s face it, you can’t go wrong with fresh homemade French fries. Luckily this potato chipper saves you a whole ton of time by eliminating hours of chopping.

Potato Chipper
Rs. 400


7. Did Someone Say Hummus?

Alright, so this dipping cone is great for all sort of dips, but we suggest hummus and pita bread. However, any dip will go down quickly when your eyes are glued to the match but your tummy to the snacks.

Dipping Cone
Rs. 280


8. Extra Sound Effects!

This unique Cricket ball bottle opener blurts out a different one-liner every time you open a bottle – How fun. Check out the video below!

Cricket Bottlepops
Rs. 500


9. Give Your Cutlery A Break

Make your life easy and keep the washing up to a minimum. Instead of getting out those big forks and spoons, use these cute Whale forks.

Fruit Fork – Whale
Rs. 200


10. Light it up!

These LED coasters will help diffuse tense moments when the game isn’t going your team’s way. Plus they save your countertops.

Coster LED – Multi Colour
Rs. 399


Who are you supporting for the 2018 football World cup – Brazil? Germany? No matter who you select, make your Game Day party an event to remember with our fun and useful products. Got a favourite from the list above –  We love the Blue Mason Dispenser, it’s great for all occasions especially Sunday brunch. Image it filled with Sangria!

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