Everything online today, from advertisements on Facebook to articles on websites, has been thought through and curated by experts who understand that digital marketing is the way forward. If you haven’t noticed, we spend the majority of our time on some sort of device, whether it be a tablet, TV, laptop or phone – information is constantly being fed and assimilated through these devices. That’s why many brands have taken a keen interest in how to optimise their digital marketing strategies. Let’s take a step back to fully understand this subject, as we talk with our in-house expert, none other than PropShop24 co-founder Mr Amtosh Singh.

Team PropShop24: Before founding PropShop24, how involved were you in Digital Marketing?
Amtosh Singh: Prior to founding PropShop24, I spent 5 years with IMG where I managed among other things the digital aspects of some of the events they produced in India namely Lakmé Fashion Week, IPL and Aircel Chennai Open.

During my stint with IMG my then boss and now mentor and advisor, Sujal Shah, pushed me towards the digital aspects of things. This was pre-Facebook pages. It was just about the time that brands were creating groups on Facebook. From there on, there was no looking back. We pioneered the creation of YouTube content for an event in India through LFW TV – an online channel featuring live streaming of shows, behind the scenes action and lots more. In the first year itself, we managed 60 lac views.

At this time internationally, bloggers were being given the front row treatment at fashion weeks but they were not even accredited in India. We created an access specifically for bloggers to allow them to create quality behind the scenes content. The analytical data available through these digital mediums is what got me hooked and as the digital universe grew to paid advertising, Instagram, AdWords etc, I grew with it.


TPS24: Tell us why digital marketing is important for PropShop24 and other brands
Amtosh: In today’s day and age digital marketing is at the forefront of brand recall, recognition and discoverability. Where an average person spends much more than an hour on a digital device, I don’t know why you would look anywhere else. In addition, all of your content reach and advertising spends can be measured down to the T, which makes it even more interesting. You can spend hours and hours analysing your campaigns to achieve the maximum Return On Investment or get as close to your objective as possible.

TPS24: Of all the key points, which is the most important aspect of digital marketing – social media, advertising, SEO etc – why?
Amtosh: A healthy mix of social media, paid advertising and blog content is what works for us. It is different for different brands and also depends on your objective. Our objective has always been Return On Investment so far.

TPS24: What’s the one thing that PropShop24 does really well in terms of Digital Marketing? Why?
Amtosh: At the risk of sounding immodest, I think our social media content has always been ahead of its time. We were doing hashtags, lifestyle imagery, product videos, influencer gifting and all of the current trends before they picked up everywhere. We’re now moving towards more long-form content, listicles and videos as far as our content creation goes.

TPS24: What’s the biggest drawback (if any) of focusing too much on everything digital?
Amtosh: The only drawback here is that you get dependant on the platform that works well for you. For example, if Google or Facebook were to change up their algorithms that could cause huge losses or loss of objectives overnight.

Amtosh speaking to members of the Shopify entrepreneur community at WeWork BKC.

TP24: In your opinion, Is it important for brands to have traditional marketing or is the future completely digital?
Amtosh: Traditional marketing is important too when you need to take your brand to the next level.

For us, since we have a decent audience base now and our digital marketing is doing well, we are constantly looking for innovative ways to do things differently through a more collaborative approach. For example, we had a collaboration with the magazine Grazia where we assisted them with their gifting needs in barter for a full-page advertorial.

For me, the drawback of traditional advertising is the inability to measure it perfectly but it is definitely something we will dabble with in the future.

TPS24: Could you give us an example of a really effective digital marketing campaign you’ve done with PropShop24
Amtosh: When we launched our new website we had a huge ‘online event’, hourly sales and offers, new category launches and all of the various promotions worked seamlessly and allowed us to hit our highest sales figure for then.

TPS24: For people that know nothing about Digital Marketing, what is the main thing they should read up on before implementing it in their company plans
Amtosh: There are countless articles and blogs and a wealth of information online.

Read up on the right way to use social media effectively first. Once you understand what works, move towards paid advertising. Start small and train yourself with trial and error while never stopping to continue learning.

TPS24: What’s the funniest experience you’ve had working on a marketing plan/event etc
Amtosh: For the dynamic space that we are in every day is a fun experience. We’re constantly creating, editing, editing more, creating more, cancelling and so on and so forth. If I had to single out one event it would definitely be the launch of our new site. The team and I were up for 48 hours getting the final touches ready. Once we launched and the order ticker kept buzzing and the feedback kept pouring in – it was another high altogether and the adrenaline kept me going.

TPS24: Complete the sentence “if it wasn’t for digital marketing, the world today would be _____________
Amtosh:Less connected.


If you hadn’t thought about digital marketing before, we’re sure you’re totally buzzing with questions about it now. Like Amtosh said, there is so much information available online regarding this topic that once you begin it’s a never-ending journey. Whether you’re using digital marketing for your personal blog or helping a brand meet their marketing needs, there is nothing static about this space and being innovative and creative is the key. So, have fun experimenting and as always follow PropShop24 on our socials for all our cool and curated digital content!