Unicorns are not just magical beasts that fascinate the playful mind – they have also become a huge trend popping up everywhere. We can understand why, they instill in even the most stone cold heart a sense of hope and that #goodvibe feeling.

Whether you want to gift one of these products to a child who needs some extra magic in their lives or if you want to add a bit of fun to your own life – these products are a sure shot way to get Unicorn-ed.

1. Fancy Feet

If you’re a lover of quirky socks then these Unicorn socks need to be added to your collection. Plus, they’re a great pop of colour for when you want to liven up a work outfit.

Unicorn Socks
Rs. 499


2. Hear The Magic

What’s the best way to drown out the noise on your morning commute to work? These super adorable Unicorn earphones. Also, it makes a great gift for a pre-teen girl who loves music.

Unicorn Earphones
Rs. 699


3. Where Are My Keys?

Whether it’s your house key or your car keys, find them magically – okay we’re kidding this key chain doesn’t have magical powers. However, it is easier to spot a unicorn than a key.

Unicorn Key Chain
Rs. 499


4. Brooch Obsessed

Sometimes days can be tough but just looking at this unicorn brooch will brighten up your day. Hopefully the next day will be better!

Unicorn Brooch
Rs. 249


5. Makeup And Unicorn Lovers Unite

Break out the glitter and go to town with your highlighter – with a makeup pouch this magical, you can afford to be a little OTT with unicorn inspired makeup looks.

Unicorn Pouch
Rs. 499


6. Office Accents

Every office needs a little something to brighten up a stressful day. Deadlines written down on this Unicorn memo pad will surely help to motivate you.

Baby Unicorn Memo Pad
Rs. 499


7. Vision Board

What little child’s room is complete without a unicorn pin board. It also works incredibly well as a vision board. Have your child put up pictures or quotes of the dreams and goals they would like to achieve. According to many CEOs and spiritual leaders, seeing your goals on a daily basis will help to manifest them in reality.

Unicorn Pin Board
Rs. 2375


8. Phone Fun

Still unicorn crazy? Then you have to get this cute printed phone case. Having a team of unicorns in the palm of your hand – now that’s a thought!

Unicorn Phone Case
Rs. 650


9. Cuteness Overload

Babies are cute enough, but babies wrapped in a unicorn towel, now that is cute to another level! Plus, imagine all the gushing comments you’re going to get from your family and friends when they see you little one in this towel.

Unicorn Hooded Towel (Baby)
Rs. 2799


10. Unicorns Like Coffee Too

Your morning coffee cup says a lot about you. This one says I’m awesome, I love Unicorns and my day is going to be freaking fantastic. Okay maybe that is too much energy before your first sip of coffee, but you know what we mean.

Unicorn Coffee Cup
Rs. 390


Now that we’ve given you some seriously lust-worthy unicorn merch, what’s it going to be – Do you believe they exist? Well, we choose to believe they do because a little imagination (and magic) never hurt anyone!

Feature Image Instagram.com/bakedideas