International yoga day has been getting bigger and bigger every year and to celebrate we’ve decided to put together our own little gift guide dedicated to the yogis out there. Whether you’ve got a friend that loves to break into a pose at every opportunity or you are just getting into yoga yourself, these gifts are essential for any level yogi.

Let’s stretch right into it, shall we?

1. Frame it

This little egg doing different yoga poses couldn’t get any cuter. What better inspiration for a friend who has been in two minds about joining a yoga class?

Yoga Pose Frame
Rs. 650


2. Tea Time

Many yoga lovers start their day with a refreshing and healthy cup of green tea. This berry infused one is a great addition to your green tea collection. Plus, it will help with that yoga glow since it is loaded with antioxidents that help to fight free radicals in the body.

Green Tea – Berry Blush


3. Addicted to Yoga?

Replace your plastic bags with this adorable yogaholic tote bag. You don’t have to use it for your yoga class solely, it’s big enough to bring home groceries or to take to the beach!

Yogaholic Tote Bag
Rs. 810


4. Carry me

Protect your yoga mat while on your way to class. This stylish ‘inhale-exhale’ yoga mat bag has a strap that makes it easy to carry with you or to store at home.

Inhale Exhale Yoga Mat
Rs. 750



5. Psychedelic

A trippy reindeer print yoga mat is what every yogi needs. This one has a towel-like microfiber suede finish which is non-slip, ideal for tacking those more difficult poses.  It’s vibrant and eye-catching and will stand out amongst a class full of neutral mats. Plus it’s environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Reindeer Mat
Rs. 3500


6. Zen Bear

Channel your inner peace just like this yoga bear and if you can’t, a good sip of coffee might just do the trick. Either way, this cup is a must-have for those hectic mornings when you just can’t make it to yoga class!

Yoga Bear Mug
Rs. 390


7. Fruity Flavours

A good sweaty yoga session means that your body needs plenty of water. If drinking plain water, just isn’t refreshing enough, then infuse your water with some fresh fruit. Do this easily with these portable fruit infuser bottles.

Fruit Infuser Bottle
Rs. 249



8. Yoga For Life

Living and breathing yoga? This fox folder will help you keep everything on track, from grocery lists to planning events, whatever the task, this folder will come in handy!

Mini Fox Yoga Folder
Rs. 650


9. Atmosphere

Is a yoga lover’s house complete without some scented candles? We think not. It’s also a great reminder to live a positive life!

Positivity Candle
Rs. 690


10. Set The Tone

For the days that you can’t get to the class, put on some chill music and practice at home. This fabric covered speaker is the perfect companion for any home yoga class.

Fabric Covered Speaker
Rs. 1499


These yoga must-haves are super aren’t they, which begs the question -WIll you be gifting these lovelies or keeping them for yourself? Either way, we hope you have a super yoga day!

Happy Propping!


FEature Image Yoga Journal/Tony Felgueiras