The hot summer months are reason enough to add fresh juices and smoothies into your daily mix. Refreshing concoctions such as Mango and coconut with chia seeds or a mix of super greens with some almond milk are perfect to quench that thirst.

There are so many recipes that are just begging to be tried out.  So, head to your local grocery store and stock up on the freshest seasonal produce, don’t worry we got you covered when it comes to kitchen products.

To get you on the smoothie bandwagon, we’ve compiled some of our must-haves to help you on this fruity journey.

1. Pineapple Crazy

Don’t underestimate a good pineapple! This robust and sweet-citrus fruit can lift any smoothie, but unless they come pre-sliced can be a bit difficult to cut. However this pineapple slicer makes it easy and convenient, so give it a try if you love this fruit as must as we do.

Pineapple Slicer
Rs. 300



2. All About That Insta Picture

Get that #foodporn worthy Instagram picture by dressing up your regular old smoothie bowl. This fruit cutter makes darling shapes from hearts to stars that will take your presentation up a notch. Plus, who doesn’t like their fruit cut up into little shapes – the kids will love it.

Pop Chef Fruit Cutter
Rs. 349


3. Man Of Steel

Say goodbye to plastic disposable straws that are contributing to so much aquatic harm. This Stainless steel tumbler comes with a steel straw, both of which are super simple to clean. Plus, it is extremely durable and won’t break which is perfect for those fast-paced mornings when you need your smoothie on the go.

Stainless Steel Tumbler
Rs. 1500



4. Go Bananas

Monkeys love them and so do we, bananas are excellent and are used as a base in most smoothie recipes. However, the feeling of slicing a slimy banana isn’t great, thankfully this slicer will make that job easier. Go ahead and go bananas with this tool.

Banana Slicer
Rs. 120


5. Hugging Food, Say what?

If you’ve made a smoothie before, you know that sometimes you don’t require a whole apple or pear, so instead of wrapping it in cling wrap, try these cute food huggers. They keep the cut side fresh and not allow it to oxidize.

Food Huggers (Set of 4)
Rs. 550


6. Still Loving Ombre!

If you still can’t get enough of the ombre trend, then you’re going to want one of these. Carry your healthy smoothie wherever you go and make people wonder just what you’re sipping from this super cute ombre mason jar.

Ombre Mason Jar
Rs. 349


7. Cupcake Fantasy

Those on the gainz train, who love protein powder in their smoothies but hate the sight of those macho containers, will love these. Swap out those horrid containers for these vintage cupcake print storage tins that will brighten up your kitchen and your day!

Vintage Cupcake Metal Tin Canisters
Rs. 945


8. If You Love Pina Coladas

Tropical beach vibes – yes, please! This cute pineapple cup is what every Pina Colada lover needs in their life right now. Get a few and have a smoothie party over the weekend, they will be a hit!

Pineapple Cup With Straw
Rs. 699


9. A Squeeze Of lime?

Here is a hot tip – freeze juice instead of ice, so that your smoothie doesn’t get watered down! We love the illusion of this lemon ice tray that makes the ice look like you have wedges in your drink.

Lemon Ice Try
Rs. 449


10. Fresh Watermelon

Nothing screams summer like sweet watermelon juice. Cutting them can be a pain, but this nifty tool allows you to cut and make perfect watermelon wedges each time. Plus, it also acts as a pair of tongs that make it easy to move the slices to your blender.

Watermelon Tongs – Assorted
Rs. 180


Have you tried one of these products as yet? Make sure you take pictures and post it on Instagram, don’t forget to tag us!

Feature Image Courtesy Half Baked Harvest