Making conscious choices in everyday life should be a top priority for anyone, knowing the ingredients or the manufacturing processes of products helps in making those decisions. Buying cruelty-free products is another way to make sure that your spending power doesn’t impact our furry creatures negatively.

Although making the switch to a completely vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle may not be for you – we do believe that your gifting choices should be. That’s why we’ve put together a list of cruelty-free and vegan gifts that don’t contain any animal products or byproducts in them.

1. Faux Leather

This pretty pastel notebook is covered in faux leather and is perfect for penning down any of life’s events. Its 100 ruled pages can also be used as a journal or a recipe book. What you use it for is up to you!

Faux Leather Notebook – Blue
Rs. 800


2. Bone China Free

Unless otherwise specified, ceramic or regular mugs usually contain bone china, which is a strict no-no for any vegan or animal lover. Glass and reusable plastic cups are a better cruelty-free option. Your friends will love this cute pineapple cup with a reusable straw. Good for the planet and no harm is done to the animals.

Pineapple Cup
Rs. 600


3. No Beeswax

Many candles contain beeswax which comes from beehives and is totally unnecessary given that there are many substitutes that melt just the same. These candles are made from vegetable wax and all natural essential oils – making them cruelty-free, vegan and delightfully aromatic.

Blueberry Candle
Rs 499


4. Meal Planning

Friends who have just turned vegan know how hard it can be to figure out meals. That’s why this personalised meal planner comes in handy. Plus it is reusable and magnetic – perfect for putting it up on the fridge.

Personalised Meal Planner


5. Shop Carefree

Now there is no need to stress over the plastic bag ban with this waterproof and foldable tote bag. It folds up into a small roll so that you can easily carry it in your handbag. Having a shopper bag means less plastic in our environment, which means more open and clean spaces for us and our furry friends.

Waterproof Tote
Rs. 650


6. Oil-Free

Now that you or your friend have made the switch to a vegan diet, how about making it a healthy diet too? Boiling and steaming veggies is the healthiest way to eat them. This steel basket easily fits into a pot making it easy to cook them without the use of oil. It’s also great for cooking pasta!

Chef Basket
Rs. 459



7. Dairy-Free

As you may know, a vegan diet means no consumption of dairy. Tea or coffee is the thing you crave the most when you give up dairy. Whilst there are amazing milk substitutes like almond milk or soy milk, sometimes it’s best to switch to green tea or herbal teas where no dairy is required. This green leaf tea infuser is a must for when you try out your new teas.

Tea Infuser
Rs. 250


8. Fruit-Lovers

Kickstart that healthy vegan diet by making sure you keep yourself hydrated. These fruit infuser bottles are great for people who don’t particularly love the taste of water. Alternatively, you could also use these for your daily green smoothie and store ice in the fruit capsule instead.

Fruit Infuser Bottle
Rs. 249


9. Doggie Socks

Every animal lover needs a pair of funky dog socks. These ones are bright yellow and have beagles all over them. What’s not to love? If you’ve got a road trip coming up, get matching pairs for all your friends, the pictures will look fabulous!

Beagle Socks
Rs. 199


10. Glycerin Free

A lot of beauty products contain animal-based glycerin, making it difficult to find the right products for vegans. This scrub uses vegetable derived ingredients including vegetable glycerin which makes it suitable for vegans and all those who have sensitive skin. This almond butter scrub is a super exfoliant and helps to remove dead skin cells, for healthy looking skin.

Almond Butter Scrub
Rs. 693



Whether you want to make a switch to the cruelty-free and vegan lifestyle or just want to make better choices that aren’t harmful. Either way, gifting and buying cruelty-free products is the way to go.